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Larry Burrows and Life Magazine 1965

An old copy I have of one of the greatest photographic essays by Larry Burrows.

Published in April 1966, priced 35 cents


Games I have made

This project has been about making learning about war photography as open, interesting and accessible as possible. Although my original plans have been quite significantly altered since their inception as a result of discussions with lecturers, the ambition remains to make the output of this project an educational and enjoyable experience. 234 more words

Antonisia Schroder

COP3 3,000 word draft

Photography as a means to mediate reality

(Censorship within Film Photography and War Photography and the Role of Photojournalism in Mediating Reality)

Chapter 1

Background Study in the Role of Photojournalism in Mediating Reality… 3,062 more words

COP3 Practice

A piece of the body torn out by the roots

Sorry I have nothing to write about. Life is extremely loud and incredibly private, etc etc.

However, I have been thinking about Artists, Experts, Poverty, War Photographers, Sentimentality, Detachment, Acceptance, Fame, Privilege, Power, and Money. 616 more words


New York Times: Classic Lensman, Using Full Palette

Perhaps the greatest revelation provided by “Capa in Color” is not that Robert Capa, best known as a war photographer, shot in color film. It is that he shot in color frequently, honing his technical facility and trying to get the work published in magazines that began printing color photographs in the late 1930s. 11 more words


Great journalists and great journalism: How to make a name for yourself pt. 2

I spend a lot of time reading. I like to consume and devour long articles and essays especially, like the ones found in The New Yorker… 347 more words

Journalism Advice