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Monthly meeting took place last night Thursday 9th March at Victoria Road.  It was a full agenda including North Korean talk at Five Rivers; NWR meeting; Films at the Arts Centre; Social media and Death Penalty reports and the market stall.  6 more words

Death Penalty

Fiction Fun: Excerpt from Rise: Book One Of The War Witch Saga

For a while now, I’ve debated including an excerpt from my novel here on my blog. It felt a bit like pandering, to be honest.As if I was begging people to read it. 4,289 more words


Recommendations, please?

by Joanna van der Veen

If you go to a lot of film festivals, you get to see an awful lot of films from an awful lot of places. 661 more words


Sera: The Forgiven

She awoke to cold stone under her cheek. Eyes blinking, she found only darkness before her. Carefully, she reached out a hand, claws digging against the stone. 7,828 more words


World Building: Saucy Rabbits

One of the things you figure out pretty fast when you write in the fantasy genre is that, so long as you can explain it in world, you can pretty much do anything you damn well please. 753 more words


Katy Perry, War Witch, and Synchronicity

First off, no I’m not saying that Katy Perry was inspired by War Witch. I really doubt she’s read it, or ever will. Not that I wouldn’t be happy if she did, of course, just that I kinda doubt that anything I ever write will tickle the radar of someone of her fame level. 139 more words