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Arab League Holds Emergency Session: Iran And "Terrorist" Hezbollah Must Be Stopped

from Zero Hedge

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, in opening remarks to the Arab League today, declared that the kingdom “will not hesitate to defend its national security to keep its people safe” while requesting that… 298 more words

War With Iran

Russia, China, and Iran Join Forces to Bring Down the US Dollar

by Darius Shahtahmasebi, from the AntiMedia

It is becoming increasingly more common for the corporate media to pay attention to the dollar’s dying status as the world reserve currency. 208 more words

War With Iran

Defeated Elsewhere, Saudi Tyrant Declares War On Lebanon

from Moon of Alabama

The Saudi clown prince Mohammed bin Salman is purging all potential internal resistance and solidifies his dictatorial position. (The move includes a huge money grab. 253 more words

Greater Kurdistan

We pay for Trump's gift to the hard-liners of Iran & America

Summary: Trump’s efforts to scuttle our arms control agreement with Iran is a gift to the far-right of both American and Iran. It is a blow to the interests of both Iran and America. 1,658 more words

Stratfor: Trump's art of wrecking the nuclear deal with Iran

Summary: Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was one of his major accomplishments, a defeat of the multi-generational propaganda barrage by America’s pro-war hawks. Now conservatives work to overturn it, as they have opposed all nuclear arms control treaties — deals that have helped prevent atomic war. 2,639 more words

Economist Jeff Sachs: Americans Who Don't Want War with Iran Must Speak Out Now

President Trump’s comments at the United Nations General Assembly urging the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal sounded familiar to economist Jeffrey Sachs. “The last time we had this kind of rhetoric was George W. 223 more words