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Rothschild connected with ISIS through Erdogan's son Bilal who sells "legally" ISIS oil.

It’s worse than you think: the Rothschild clan wants to drag us into a war against Assad because they, or some of them, very probably the french ones, are in a business with the son of Erdogan, Bilal, for selling the ISIS oil. 432 more words


Ficiton: Legal Theft Project--Wars (330 words)

The ground was still frozen when the war started.  I remember that clearly because my father had promised me he’d stay with us until the flowers came up.  261 more words


We're being Setup

As I searched the headlines this morning, and skimmed several articles about muslim violence and horrors, Christian baiting and hate crimes, mall violence on Black Friday, whites against blacks and blacks against whites, and all the other grim and despicable events that are currently in the news, I was struck by an overwhelming sense we are being setup. 547 more words

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Terrorism, tyranny and the end of freedom

Are the powers-that-be using crises such as recent events in Paris to drive through a tyrannical agenda?

Source: Terrorism, tyranny and the end of freedom — RT Op-Edge… 1,444 more words

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No War

It’s been a good while since I wrote something on here. As with most people, the distractions of everyday work and life have made demands on my time, and although I am still pursing my creative endeavours, I am having to balance them against other responsibilities. 1,018 more words

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