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Life, Death, & Poetry

“A flag! A flag.” – Edgar Lee Masters

There are times when none of us are able to do anything, anything at all, that helps.

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Mental Health

The Abject Body

Abject – without pride or dignity, self-abasing, low, unhopeful, scummy, miserable.

Beautiful- attractive, pretty, pleasing, good looking.

Today we see both the body beautiful and the abject body all around us.  770 more words


Yet again, this poem is the result of joint contribution of me and tanushri, a friend and a blogger, alike.
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Memo to the president: Beware another Vietnam quagmire on the Tigris and Euphrates

For those of us old enough to recall the Vietnam War, fact and reality were obscured and mangled by successive White Houses anxious to reach the delusional “light at the end of the tunnel.”

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Int'l Coalition Turns Blind Eye to ISIL Abduction of Christians – Official

According to a Kurdish military official, the US-led international coalition did nothing to prevent the Islamic State militants from abducting hundreds of Assyrian Christians in northern Syria. 231 more words

Sunday School FTW

Today I’m going to tell you an incredible story.  It’s not a secret, but it’s also not a story that everyone has heard.  This is a story of faith and devotion, of resourcefulness and awareness, and of decisiveness and camaraderie.   1,268 more words