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February 9, 2015 - Atheists And Christians Missing The Same Point - In A Very Different Pastor's Study

Atheists and Christians of the Evangelical/ Pentecostal Protestant variety might not agree on much. But, they sure can miss the same point! Watch what happens when subjects like famine, war, hate, disease and poverty comes up. 58 more words


The story will be set on an island called Redcoast. The Redcoast tribe live in huts built by themselves in the rainforest. Kamaria is the head captain of her tribe, the tribe has a population of 200 of citizens. 759 more words


Matte Black Lives, "They" Don't Want Us To Shine.

This blog has become a place where I can map my mental journey.

I didn’t realize how much of a unveiling exercise this was initially. The theory/concept was me coming to terms with myself as well as trying to teach others. 309 more words

Introspective Analysis

Against Neutrality

The photograph and the words arrive simultaneously. They guarantee each other. You believe the words more because the photograph verifies them, and trust the photograph because you trust the words. 65 more words


Literary on Tape

There are only so many times
One can try and return a really late VHS rental of Smoke Signals
To the right wrong place.