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I is me is you: Identity and war in Ukraine 

Identity is a tricky thing. It is both organically developed and imagined, conceived and defined from without and within.This ceaseless interplay between different forces, of how we are seen, how others see us, and how we react to how others see us, (in turn changing how we see ourselves and them), is a seemingly fractal process. 2,500 more words

Wu Ming 1 racconta il nordest: fantasmi sulle montagne

Terza puntata di un racconto-inchiesta in tre parti

Sera tollerabilmente afosa del 6 settembre 2013. Passeggio per le vie di Bolzano insieme a Flavio, che mi fa da cicerone. 92 more words


"An Interview" or "A Brief Study of the Sociological Advantages of Hypocrisy"

“You paint me as the devil, the worst scourge to ever use force, violence, to enact change… how hypocritical.  You are all devils.  Your very way of life was founded on the same basic idea: change can only happen when you are taken seriously, and to be taken seriously you have to be a threat.  564 more words

Flash Fiction

Why hatred, why negativity?

This post is in response to a photo I saw today. One that has gone viral, one of a little girl putting her hands up to a journo with a DSLR. 253 more words

Just Stuff

Omar Khadr

This is a first-person report by citizen journalist Sandra Der from the scene of Omar Khadr’s parole hearing in Edmonton. Khadr was only 15 when the actions which led to his detention took place in Afghanistan. 1,154 more words


On the brink

Shouting profanities giving new meaning to subtlety

Do you really think that nobody notices?

The clinch in your armour and the bruise you keep fresh in your soul… 88 more words



I remember how we’ve promised,

To meet at the campus lest a war breaks out,

Well, now the war isn’t here and the place still persists, 12 more words