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Hallucination (001-002)

Your mind jolts and you see a collection of letters and the faces of various well-dressed monarchs; you see protest, you see someone– an unknown and shadowy figure, declaiming anti-democratic injustices. 15 more words


Observation - Paradox of Refugees vs Sleeper Agents

It is asserted:

  1. That ISIS has stated they would pose as refugees in order to spread sleeper agents.
  2. That there are more legitimate refugees than there are ISIS agents.
  3. 112 more words

Perception: 001(002)

One ghost, dragging chains behind it, is in front of you, no more than a couple of meters. Translucently carved into this ghost’s forehead– or what is left of it, at any rate– is the words “Avenge, O”. 92 more words


Artificial Intelligence Fighting Wars

Paramilitaries are always brutal. They composed of thugs with no laws to follow. They are there to destroy, rape, kill and steal. That is their one and only goal. 689 more words


2016: The Year of Half Staff

By Leah Jordan Meahl

For the dove flies on,

Leaving a trail of red below

The flag—at half-staff.

Streams of fire replace the stars,

Across the sea sees the fading glow, 96 more words



You enter into an administration area of sorts. Clumsily toppled are numerous miniature pillars and bits of colored rope, not dissimilar to what one would see in a bank or a fairground attraction to guide visitors. 39 more words



Worming your way through the vault door, you come to a descending staircase.

Your vision, though, is not impaired as torches, mysteriously still burning, light the way. 133 more words