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King Salman, Want to Buy Some Bridges?

From Reuters

“Saudi Arabia is satisfied with U.S. President Barack Obama’s assurances about the Iran nuclear deal and believes the agreement will contribute to security and stability in the Middle East, the country’s foreign minister said on Friday. 148 more words


I was a refugee

Many years ago that was me
An innocent child lost
A refugee

In the midst of war
It was time to depart
A place we knew as home… 121 more words


notes on Henry Kissinger [Greg Grandin, Democracy Now]

Amy Goodman interviews author and NYU history prof. Greg Grandin, about Kissinger.

One interesting thing I didn’t know — among his many accomplishments, Kissinger apparently bought into and promoted what is now known as the Karl Rove school of metaphysics, where “real leaders” are the ones who “create reality”, i.e., the alternate universe formerly known as Iraq, and the rest of us can go study this reality if we feel like it…

from Semper fi to Seppify: a marine to leave behind and a mariner to join

Building Lakes, Building Eco-Systems, Building Life… this is what Sepp Holzer does!

De-Marine the rigid wave structures that wash away a man and rename him a marine! 79 more words


The EU Reveals Its Priorities

I won’t lie. Even though I’ve known for some time that the EU was as bad if not worse than the United States when it comes to dildocracy and being anti-white, I was and remain extremely rustled by this week’s events. 1,169 more words

Foreign Affairs


I often say I’m the kind of immigrant that people like or want. I could be wrong. It was never easy being allowed into the UK, but it… 308 more words