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Back together :-D

The Joining is done! Keith’s bowel is reunited!

Some of you will recall the first bowel op (ileostomy) which took over six hours to sort out, and that the surgeons were amazed that Keith had survived, let alone how okay he was (recalling that ‘okay’ is a very relative term, eh!) 520 more words

Day 91. On the Eve of Going Home

There’s great, astounding, remarkable, wonderful news today!

Today (Saturday) Keith is on the eve of going home. He’s just the other side of the threshold at the hospital door which lies between the realm of being an inpatient, and living in the big wide world visiting as an outpatient. 440 more words

Day 90. The Count is Half Way There!

Today is Day 90 of Keith’s second sojourn in hospital, and the second round of chemotherapy. Each chemo cycle would normally take 28 days except that Keith was hit with the bowel infection which had him rushed to Emergency by ambulance. 570 more words

Day 89. The Count is 0.21

Hey folks, an amazingly interesting day was had at The Royal today.

Keith started telling me about his day by describing it as “entertaining”.

When I asked what had happened today that was so exciting he said, “Chris came in the early morning. 482 more words

Day 86. The count is 0.09.

Just a short one about yesterday (Tuesday), from Chris.

Keith’s neutrophil count is 0.09, so a little up from yesterday (Monday). Note though that the count is done from just a small collection of cells, so may not be sufficiently representative of the overall count to be accurate or indicate increase or decrease at these tiny increments. 66 more words


Day 86. And the Count is 0.02

Keith’s neutrophils are at 0.02 again, still.

The doctors estimate that Keith could be in hospital for another 5, maybe 10, days. In fact, for as long as it takes for his neutrophils to come back to 0.5 – which is the non-neutropenic level. 253 more words

Day 85. Home preparations

Exercise-wise, yesterday’s (Friday’s) three flights of stairs was a stunner, and it was beautifully celebrated by Zohl.

While still focused on getting stronger, today (Saturday) was a quieter day. 402 more words

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