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Divine Jungle Gear - Enhanced

Mobile Strike is launching a lot of new gears right before the launch of the SvS event.

The new Divine Jungle Gear has some really good stats, and it’s a must for training the new T8 Infinity troops. 174 more words

Gear Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Warden - Lines

I got inspired recently from a MMORPG that I have been playing, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). They recently released a new expansion Morrowind. I really liked the design of my new wood elf warden. 359 more words


Blood Knight

A small project, using pencil sketching and digital painting. Roughly a 4 hour process, and came out well despite a shorter work time.

Knight design is based on the Warden from For Honor

Digital Art (Fantasy)

The Dull Door Story

It was a lovely warm late afternoon in June. I was visiting the local Quaker Meeting House to observe a new tutor, teaching her second course for the WEA on ‘Overthinking’. 270 more words

ESO: Morrowind First Impressions

I’ve never been a huge Elder Scrolls fan. I like in theory–huge, open world RPG, deep customization, great story, and an incredible soundtrack–but its setting is just such generic fantasy (Nordic people running around mountains shouting and slaying dragons… how original) with uninteresting combat, and perhaps a bit too much freedom to the point where you can really mess your character up if you don’t know what you’re doing. 559 more words