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Wewanttruthgoldsmiths and justice too.

Wewanttruthgoldsmiths and justice too.

We can now share a document that was related to the many travesties of process at Goldsmiths. We have removed names, though it is likely some will be able to identify who is who – we ask them not to personalise this, but recognise that deep injustices were perpetrated and in ways that relied upon untruths and fictions.

London – more words


Old England

There is a sameness creeping into my imagery.  Old England has taken on the role of New England these last few weeks, the countryside turning a super-saturated Fuji Velvia riot of golds, browns and reds.   387 more words


Supernatural Season 10 Episode 14

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 14 The Executioner’s Song

In prison Cain gets in to see Tommy of inmate cell, he killed him and take him away. 281 more words


Warden of Aelin Veren

U19 just launched, and my oh my, isn’t the new area, North ithilien, just gorgeous. North Ithilien in ancient time was called the region of the “gardens of Gondor”. 224 more words

Casual, Travel And Fight

Cullen Stanton Rutherford 

I am in the mood for some Cully-Wully today.

I can see this happening to me. It hasn’t, but I have dreamed of him often enough. 109 more words

Dragon Age

Two From Anthony Trollope – The Warden & Barchester Towers

Strangely, before these I had not read any Anthony Trollope before but “The Warden” (1855) proved a good introduction to the Chronicles of Barsetshire.  It was actually a much lighter read than I was anticipating and also light on the pocket as it was a free book from Kindle.  438 more words

A Life Change Convinced Me To Play Dragon Age Differently

(Source: kotaku.com)

Returning to favorite franchises and games can be incredibly exciting. But it can also be incredibly intimidating. What does it mean to undo years of progress and start again? 426 more words