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Scale Maille - Part Three

I’ve finally finished the first piece of scale maille for my tabard, so tomorrow I’ll make a start on painting it and see how it turns out.  632 more words


The Warden named "Distance"

Distance entraps us like a warden would his prisoner. And in order to be released by the warden, a price must be paid. This price is time alone. 159 more words


He died a gentlemen and a soldier: William Loring remembered

William Loring, the first Warden of Goldsmiths University of London went to war in 1915 and did not return.

His grandson, David Loring has bequeathed his grandfather’s letters and photographs to Goldsmiths and they can now be viewed at the… 1,001 more words


Moon Landing Hoax

Yes, the moon landing was a hoax. I have received inside information from the Division of Personal Insecurities(DPI) that illustrates that the challenge of traveling to a far away destination in the middle of space is far to difficult to figure out. 1,054 more words


Make-up test: scars

After a Blight, battling the Archdemon and a decade of Grey Wardening, I thought that my Hero of Ferelden would probably have some interesting scars and some dramatic stories about where they came from. 116 more words


Funny Moments in Dragon Age: Origins

It’s no secret that I love Dragon Age:Origins. It has an engrossing world with enough lore to make it come alive. There are a host of characters all of whom are engaging and honestly feel like friends by the end of the game. 620 more words


The Warden Class For Original D&D

I spent some time tweaking my version of the Warden class, which I’ve created for S&W White Box and Labyrinth Lord, and  now have… 80 more words