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Stuporcize me

I’m full. No, make that stuffed. Satiated. Saturated. Gorged. Bursting. My body is aching and my mind is foggier than Beijing on a bad air day. 478 more words


Lenny Kravitz Is Considering Legal Action Over Those #PenisGate Photos

Hope everyone got a good look, because Lenny Kravitz has had just about enough of your gawking.

When the rocker’s “axe” first surfaced on the internet after… 194 more words


Lenny Kravitz Leather Pants Wardrobe Malfunction, Exposes Junk

Lenny Kravitz had the worst wardrobe malfunction of all-time — or maybe the best — when his leather pants ripped completely open onstage … and his junk fell out. 47 more words


Lenny Kravitz Split His Pants While Performing, Revealing A Very NSFW Surprise

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We’ve all been in a situation before where you’re rocking out a little too hard and maybe tear the fabric of a shirt or pants. 265 more words


Wardrobe malfunctions

“Wardrobe malfunctions,” though appearing unintentional, are in most cases, the opposite. There are far too many of these incidents that would suggest otherwise. It is just utilizing the old saying in marketing: sex sells. 275 more words


Shoplifters Spotted Shoving Hamburgers Down Pants

Two men in Texas California were sort of shuffling around a supermarket without purchasing anything. One of the men was wearing very baggy pants, and store employees later told police that it was obvious something had been shoved inside his trousers. 117 more words

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