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Wardrobe malfunctions

“Wardrobe malfunctions,” though appearing unintentional, are in most cases, the opposite. There are far too many of these incidents that would suggest otherwise. It is just utilizing the old saying in marketing: sex sells. 275 more words


Shoplifters Spotted Shoving Hamburgers Down Pants

Two men in Texas California were sort of shuffling around a supermarket without purchasing anything. One of the men was wearing very baggy pants, and store employees later told police that it was obvious something had been shoved inside his trousers. 117 more words

Taking It Seriously

LeBron James Totally Just Flashed His Penis On Live TV (NSFW)

In the last few Cleveland Cavaliers games, we’ve seen a lot of LeBron James on the court, but maybe now we’ve seen a little too… 179 more words

5 Unexpected Things that Make a Great Teacher

I have taught students from preschool to university and found that great teachers are masters of the following:

1. Embracing Embarrassment

If it can happen, then it will happen. 418 more words


Interview Wardrobe Malfunction

Yesterday I spent all day with a company, getting to know them. I’d applied for a job with them, they’d liked my resume, and they flew me out for a day of social interviewing. 355 more words

Problem Solving

Wardrobe Malfunctions

I recently saw the funniest horse racing video…Let’s just say the jockey had a wardrobe malfunction. He didn’t quit riding- he kept right on running and ended up finishing the race in second place. 155 more words


They say the clothes make the man. But apparently they can unmake him too.

Because recently, a politician in Ottawa let his underwear stop him from doing his job. 218 more words