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Pattern Test - Avenue Top & Dress from Sew Straight & Gather

As I mentioned in my Built-In Post, those last few weeks have been quite eventful and busy and this week is the first one I really get to sit down and catch up on blogging, getting back to sewing (I have serious withdrawals ;) ) and just the typical mom-business, such as cooking, cleaning and finally getting back into the habit of working out (at least I hope I’ll manage to make it a habit again). 496 more words


Wardrobe Staple: The Duffle Coat

The fall is coming and the weather is getting colder. It means it’s time to put on some warmer clothes like the duffle coat. The brand most people think of when it comes to duffle coats is Gloverall. 81 more words

Wardrobe Staple

Wardrobe Staple: The Oxford Shirt

Every man (and woman) should own a white and a blue oxford shirt. It should be “crisp” and made of a soft material. This type of clothing works with almost everything in many different occasions. 26 more words

Wardrobe Staple

Wardrobe Staple: The Loafers

I have to admit one thing. For a long time I didn’t like loafers at all. I might be because of my young age and that I felt that this type of shoes only was for old men. 80 more words

Wardrobe Staple

Wardrobe Staple: The Flight Jacket

The flight jacket is a clothing piece that I still haven’t added to my wardrobe staples. The reason is that this type of jacket often costs quite a lot. 37 more words

Wardrobe Staple

Wardrobe Staple: The Harrington Jacket

The Harrington Jacket is a part of my wardrobe staples and I think it’s a must for many. Except its cool and iconic look, this jacket is also very comfortable and functional in rainy weather. 34 more words

Wardrobe Staple

Wardrobe Staple: The Baseball Jacket

The weather is getting colder and the time is perfect for wearing a Baseball/varsity jacket. Whether a baseball/varsity jacket is a wardrobe staple can be discussed. 90 more words

Wardrobe Staple