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"Why the Denver Broncos should beat the Minnesota Vikings" [CS Monitor]

The Denver Broncos are a different sort of team this season than they were this time last year.

Last year, QB Peyton Manning was coming off a season in which he led the league in passing yards and touchdowns, and the offense was expected to be a juggernaut once again. 705 more words


SoftWare Upgrades vs Firmware Updates

¿Qué vendrá después del reloj de Apple? Mientras que Tim Cook y su equipo se encargan de actualizar el portátil a través WatchOS 2 y están trabajando en la próxima versión del hardware, no tengo ninguna duda de que el personal de I+D,  difíciles en el trabajo, son rehacios a contestar preguntas como “¿qué sucede después?” 619 more words

Vikings' Matt Kalil quiets his critics [Star Tribune]

He isn’t showing up on the wrong end of “SportsCenter” highlights. He hasn’t yet been trending on Twitter during Vikings games. Fans have put away the torches and pitchforks and, at least for the moment, appear to be comfortable with this giant man remaining in their community. 778 more words


Remove Spy Ware and Adware - What to Know Before You Try to Remove It

If you’ve been surfing for the internet for any amount of time there’s a good chance you have some spy ware downloaded on your PC. Nearly two thirds are infected and it can happen in as little as ten minutes surfing online. 10 more words

Where did you get that idea?

Where did the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity get the idea that this is correct? And where was the editor who would have known to change wears to wares?