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Reviews: The Librarians

About a week ago, my mother asked me to watch a tv show called “The Librarians”. Its a cross between Doctor Who and Warehouse 13. Both of which I am fan and this show does not disappoint.   213 more words


Allison Scagliotti Is Amazing

There is no doubting that Allison Scagliotti is a very attractive and talented actress but there is some special something that leaves me a little weak in the knees when watching her stuff which in my case was her run on… 75 more words


Erin Watches: Fringe, Continuum, Warehouse 13, Leverage, Scandal, Black Butler

Various things I’ve Netflixed or streamed over the past…oh, year or so.


Fringe. Got all the way through to the end! Continued to mostly like it. 966 more words


Favorite Fandom Memes

It’s Friday, and it’s a pretty great day to celebrate some of my favorite fandoms.

I’ve always been more of a Trekkie than a Star Wars fan, although I appreciate the latter for the sheer scope of its franchise. 198 more words


Warehouse 13 Ab Workout


(Rules printed on website and easier to read)

This week’s workout was to Warehouse 13, a show I just started watching with my brother (though it really isn’t a new show at all). 175 more words


“Okay, I’m getting a seriously bad vibe here.”

9 more words