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Sleepless Nights.

With half a smile I can say 2:34 didn’t wake me today. The sun’s starting to rise and sleep doesn’t seem to be a part of my future, just as it wasn’t a part of my recent past. 77 more words

My Top 5 "Media Contributors" Right Now

OK guys. I gotta be honest. This post comes more from a place of guilt than anything else. I haven’t posted in so long-I’ve consumed a helluva lotta media, but there was simply nothing I had to say about any of it that hadn’t already been said(in some cases by me-rewatching Warehouse 13 right now and I still love it, but I’ve plagued you guys enough with that for now.) 1,664 more words


Feminist SciFi/ Fantasy TV Shows Worthy of Obsession: Part 1

As a near professional college student and avid advocate of procrastination I have undoubtedly explored the depths of Netflix more than Wikipedia. Even with daily, sometimes hourly, practice choosing what to watch is a skill I have yet to master. 1,463 more words

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Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 ran for 5 seasons from 2009-2014. I found it a great tv show myself and loved all of the artifacts in the story. Warehouse 13 is Drama, Mystery, SciFi, and Thriller. 156 more words

Episodic Memories: SyFy's "Warehouse 13"

Mark and Andrew are all about urban exploration as they begin exploring warehouses of all shapes and sizes, from Warehouse 9 all the way to Warehouse 54. 136 more words

Best Of The Best

Fictional Friday :: 5 more x5 women we'd like to invent an alternate canon for

Haven’t done one of these in a while!   The first two contributed by my drift partner because these things are important.

5. Annabelle Riggs (Fearless Defenders) 2,181 more words

My 10 favourite episodes of Warehouse 13

* Pilot (episode 1.01) – a classy, smartly written introduction to the show’s concept and characters. Loads of fun.

* Claudia (1.04) – a new regular arrives but causes chaos. 215 more words