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Television Tuesday :: 5 of happy television's advantages

5. Because sometimes we want cheery things that won’t tire us out.
As evidenced by a fair amount of my media analysis, a lot of television is exhausting, emotionally.   793 more words

My Favourite Festive TV Specials

I LOVE Christmas. I’m that guy who only like Halloween because as soon as it’s over, it’s time to get ready for Christmas. The guy who put up his tree two weeks ago. 1,569 more words


TV Review: "Warehouse 13"

Warehouse 13

OVERALL: I want to work at the Warehouse. That is how I feel every time I watch this show. It is so much and the diverse ensemble cast is wonderful. 353 more words

TV Reviews

Sleepless Nights.

With half a smile I can say 2:34 didn’t wake me today. The sun’s starting to rise and sleep doesn’t seem to be a part of my future, just as it wasn’t a part of my recent past. 77 more words

My Top 5 "Media Contributors" Right Now

OK guys. I gotta be honest. This post comes more from a place of guilt than anything else. I haven’t posted in so long-I’ve consumed a helluva lotta media, but there was simply nothing I had to say about any of it that hadn’t already been said(in some cases by me-rewatching Warehouse 13 right now and I still love it, but I’ve plagued you guys enough with that for now.) 1,664 more words


Feminist SciFi/ Fantasy TV Shows Worthy of Obsession: Part 1

As a near professional college student and avid advocate of procrastination I have undoubtedly explored the depths of Netflix more than Wikipedia. Even with daily, sometimes hourly, practice choosing what to watch is a skill I have yet to master. 1,463 more words

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Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 ran for 5 seasons from 2009-2014. I found it a great tv show myself and loved all of the artifacts in the story. Warehouse 13 is Drama, Mystery, SciFi, and Thriller. 156 more words