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Pardon Me While I Geek Out (Part 2: Movies and TV)

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Geekiness — it’s all relative. In this instance, I’m talking about the people who feel faint when they see a trailer for the newest… 928 more words

The Invisible Moth

My February Favorites

I thought a good way to start off my blog would be to start on a positive note! So for my first post I have decided to talk a bit about the things I’ve really loved in the month of February! 611 more words


The Joy Of... Cosy Sci-Fi

Although this is (sort of) an article about the sci-fi genre as a whole, it’s also a review of two TV shows (“Warehouse 13” and “Eureka”/”A Town Called Eureka” 881 more words


TV Review - Warehouse 13 - Season 5

Season Five is short but sweet. It’s nice to see a show be able to wrap itself up properly. The last episode could have been a clip show, as the characters explore their defining moments in the Warehouse, but they wrote and created new clips for each of the characters, apart from Pete, who see everything because the Warehouse has given him the chance to be a better person. 294 more words


TV Review - Warehouse 13 - Season 4

Warning – Spoilers

Season four is the longest series of Warehouse 13, and as such is split into two halves. Saying that though, despite the number of episodes I can’t do a series highlights for this post. 498 more words