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Imperial Fists - Assault Squads and Thud Guns

Hey all

The Imperial Fists are getting really close now! I’ve actually had these finished for a little while now, but totally forgot to get them up on the blog. 269 more words


Maybe the future isn't so bright

I started playing 40K at the onset, way back in ’87, it was brilliant! In truth it was Space Hulk that started me off. I dropped out of the 40k gaming for a while and picked it up just at the end of 4th edition this was midway through ’08, since then there’s been three more editions with only 2 years between 6 & 7. 794 more words


We go marching on...

Good afternoon watchers, pressers and followers,

There has been a flurry of activity at the Brushworks. Having moved into the new studio a few weeks ago the productivity has improved and escalated. 144 more words

Games Workshop

To Battle! Sisters!

recently i procured afew old dark eldar warriors which i decided to make into battle sisters. in future i think i will use either the new warriors or the new wych models as they have nicer detailed stomach armour… 190 more words

Warhammer 40000

Immolation! the smell of burning heretics is in the air

recently i decided i had had enough of waiting for plastic models of sisters of battle to be released. upon a customary visit to the games workshop website i discovered that a number of models were “sold out” meaning that they can’t be bothered making them any more or they are redesinging them for an eventual rerelease (like with grey knights) i am hoping it is the latter. 262 more words

Warhammer 40000

The Cerelian Infestation Parts 55 & 56 (After Game Analysis)

Well those two games took longer than anticipated to play, and that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the campaign.  In the end the Deathwing player played the Genestealers and I played the Cerelian trainees. 369 more words