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Happy Birthday To Me..

… Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me-ee… Well you get the idea :)

I’ve got an awesome family – look what they got me for my birthday! 198 more words


Realm of Chaos: Nurgle's Lost & Damned #6 - Great Unclean One & Devout Tormented

These guys provide the final set of newly-shared figures (for now) of my Nurgle Lost & Damned force. With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to get a fair few more painted up before too long. 872 more words



It took me a few days of oggling my printed ones, but I’m finally back on track for making new ones.

Here we have tiny preview for the Hellebore look-alike. 23 more words

Chaos Land Raider - WIP 4

It’s almost done!

This evening I attached the sponsons and gunner and popped the twin-linked heavy bolter in place to see how it looked, and I like it.  46 more words

Warhammer 40,000

this is how i look at the chaos cultist range squad from dark vengance:

Blue = to have their heads replaced with space wolf heads
purple = to either become techpriests or guardsmen (remove chaos icons for both) sometimes replace head with space wolf head… 109 more words

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