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Any Spare Change - Part 2

Do you think Princedom tempts me? The Changer has offered me that and more. It is not enough. Do you think that I would labour ten thousand years simply to claim that which was offered to my father as payment for his ignorance? 394 more words


The house of flying brushes

I constantly try to improve and making the most out of my workplace. I own a lot of brushes so i needed to find a possibility to store them properly. 344 more words

Warhammer 40000

Genestealer Cults Arrive

Genestealers Cults hit the board for the first time today. Between rolling a 6 for my warlord trait and rolling several more 6’s for my other units, this game was sort of over on turn one. 22 more words

The Daily Philistine - January 6th - John Blanche and Jenny Owen Youngs

Picture of the Day – John Blanche’s ‘The Emperor’ or ‘The Golden Throne’ Or Whatever The Hell It’s Called

I’m returning to my nerd roots for the end of the week. 553 more words

The Daily Philistine