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A World of Darkness and War- "Eisenhorn" by Dan Abnett

Innocence Proves Nothing.

The world of Warhammer 40,000 (hereafter WH40k) is one that has few entry points for the uninitiated. Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn Trilogy is one such entry point. 759 more words


Back in three, two, one ...

And I’m back again. I’m really sorry about not posting anything for a while, but over here I had some strange combination of personal problems, stress, burnout and a very short-lived Heat wave. 37 more words

Brother Elias - Dreadnought of the Dark Angels

This evening I finished the first loyalist(ish) Dreadnought I’ve painted since the old Furioso Paperweight from the early days of the second edition.  Here’s Brother Elias of the Dark Angels fifth company.

Warhammer 40,000

The Cerelian Infestation Part 56 (introduction and rules)

This is essentially the same battle as Part 55 but set in the urban training environment, so use the same rules as for that battle but with the following table set up and deployment. 66 more words


The Cerelian Infestation Part 56

Glass crunched under new leather, the soles of the boots hardly worn in, despite the wearers best attempts to make them supple two weeks previously.  To his left and right, more noise came, the muffled sound of webbing and equipment in backpacks and belt-pouches, the scuff of leather, equally as new as his own, as it scraped on rough rockrete and rubble.   545 more words