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10 things about ME!

Maybe you’ve known me my whole life, or maybe we’re just acquaintances. Either way, I am going to give you some random facts about me! 406 more words

Top 5ive Worst Convenience Store Items: Jeremy

5. Warheads. Hey, do you like sour things? How about really sour things? Have I got a treat for you! These little hard candies are filled with some unknown putrid liquid that is so sour it’ll literally make you vomit. 532 more words

Tasting Notes-Buxton Brewery's Red Raspberry Rye Berliner Weisse

I’ve been gone for a minute. I blame it on writing my dissertation and issues with digestion, but I’m back and as beer-drinky as ever. 329 more words

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"*...

As this interactive graphic from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reveals, the number of nuclear weapons in the world peaked in the late 80s.  But there are still roughly 10,000 nukes floating around the world, and in the hands of an increased number of countries… 101 more words

Warhead Faces.

Hello cutie pies, guess what today’s blog post will be about today? No no no, not about me. Sorry to disappoint. Instead, I have a special treat that’ll surely make you guys laugh! 149 more words



I got up this morning and we exchanged cards and gifts and inside this box of sour candy was something called “spray candy”. I was like – “what the hell is this??” and we sat down to watch some DVR-d TV. 69 more words

No Boobs

13 People Introduced To Warheads For The First Time

Torturing oneself with Warheads is damn near a rite of passage. Here are 13 poor souls being introduced to them sour shits for the first time in GIF form… Amateurs. 20 more words