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An 'Ultimate' crossover (among others)!

Now, it’s no secret that I’m an old school wrestling fan from the 70s on.  So, when I saw this cosplay, I did a double take.   276 more words

Wario Amiibo Battle Review

As much fun as Diddy Kong was to review, I’m equally excited to bring you a review of the new Wario Amiibo facing off against the older Smash Brothers one.   908 more words


Random Musings #3: Lest We Forget, Scoring A Classic, Glow In The Dark Amiibo

Please, never let this happen again!

I’m going to start off with an unusually serious topic. In Canada, many people are given this sombre day off to reflect on the awful wars that have torn across our planet. 848 more words


Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Review

Mario Kart as been one of Nintendo’s most successful and beloved franchises. Every major platform since the SNES has seen the release of a new Mario Kart title, and in more recent years, Nintendo has teamed with Namco Bandai Games to produce a series of Mario Kart titles for arcades. 592 more words

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Nintendo Shuts Down Hundreds of Fan Games

Ever played Nintendo games such as Mario Kart, Zelda growing up as a little kid? Well, you will be shocked when you find out that Nintendo is shutting down tons of fan games! 84 more words