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The Mustard of Your Doom

The greatness of heroes is somehow limited. After all, their heroic acts can only be as big as the problems they have to solve. A firefighter will not win many medals if all he does is save kittens from the top of trees in some small town; only the very rewarding gratitude of the pets’ owners. 1,414 more words


Top 5 Nintendo Games We Want to See on Mobile

With the recent news of Nintendo’s development of its series for mobile devices, fans everywhere have been wondering what to expect from this curious prospect. Opinions on the matter are torn, with arguments opposing and supporting the decision on both sides. 886 more words


This bird thinks it's the real life version of Wario

Give Wario a balloon full of helium and you’ve got yourself a perfect match here.


Games Need A Lose Condition

The title above is a position held by many. It is not a position held by me. Saying that, I don’t think it is a position that comes out of nowhere. 316 more words

Game-a-Week #9 - Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

I’m proud to say I’m still going! Kirby Super Star was a blast, and I’ll be writing some thoughts on the different sub-games soon, but for this week… Wario Land! 46 more words


The Broken Sieve That is Kenya's Sports, 'Na sio ya Mamako' - Time for Wario to Step Aside?

Sports is one of the biggest employers in the world today, it recks in thousands of millions in a given week. Kenya’s sports plus our athletics heroism and pride is moving down the drain at a cheetah’s pace. 639 more words