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Top 5 Gaming Hunks

When compiling a list of the most desirable video game characters one cannot be too rushed. It takes thought, it takes looking beyond the pixel, and it takes blood, sweat, and tears.  777 more words


Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land. Nintendo R&D (1994) Gameboy

Super Mario Land is perhaps the worst Mario game if you discount the original arcade game. Mario Land 2 was short and sweet, and was almost as perfect as a Gameboy game could be. 647 more words


Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Waluigi Figure Review by Jakks Pacific

Waluigi appearance in Mario Tennis 2000 Nintendo 64

Waluigi first Bad Guys of Super Mario also Waluigi is Luigi Rivals and enemy

similar like his older brother Wario part Waru mean Evil in Japanese. 219 more words


Amazing Video Games Characters That Needs To Comeback

We all need a hero in gaming – an icon that we can embrace, identify and champion accordingly. From Mario’s moustached face helping drive sales for Nintendo to the slender snout of Crash Bandicoot making PlayStation a Sega Saturn-beater, these guys were and remain gaming’s A-list, characters that will skip from generation to generation, constantly appearing in new adventures. 661 more words


Dr. Mario 64 Review

Dr. Mario was one of Mario’s earlier forays in branching out to genres outside of the platformer, and remains a fun and addictive puzzle game to this day. 575 more words

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OK, Bear With Me: What If Mario And Wario Are The Same Guy?

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In Nintendo’s recently released mobile game Super Mario Run, the famous plumber leaps his way through a couple dozen levels on his way to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. 1,631 more words


Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Microgames Review

A game of such great insanity that it is not surprising it came out from where it did: a minor studio quickly put together by Wario and his peers… 1,319 more words