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Jump Forth, Young Cricket

There’s something supremely cathartic about jumping in a videogame. Not to sound too much like a cliché, but it’s like chicken soup for a player’s soul. 584 more words


Mediocre Stitch Work

In a collection like Game & Wario, most of the games within are what you expect: quirky, gimmicky, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experiences that can be consumed and appreciated in quick chunks. 396 more words


Ski Bums

For every Shutter, there is a Ski.

However, you don’t know who the darlings are until you see the turds. Perhaps that’s being a little harsh as… 271 more words



Of all the long-lost genres I wish would make a comeback, photography games are at the top of my list. Granted, the only game I can think of with snapping pics as its impetus is… 693 more words


Rise of the SchnozzLord

I think the most common complaint I hear about the Wii U is that Nintendo never leveraged the GamePad in a way that made it special like the Wii remote or the dual screens of the DS. 972 more words


Wario Land: Clobbering Pirates and Hoarding Treasure Since 1994

I’m going to share something with you, readers: I love Wario. I love everything about the grossly overweight yet strangely agile man in yellow and purple. 1,216 more words

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