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Darumario 2

Uniqlo was having a T-shirt contest so I decided to revive my Darumario design and add Wario to the back.


Kiva vs Wario

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Suggested by Someone Kiva has returned, but can he handle Wario? Defeating Wario in his normal form would be extremely easy, but Wario is able to transform into Wario-Man by eating some Garlic. 68 more words


Glow-in-the-Dark Boo Amiibo Coming in November

Make that two amiibo I need to buy: Bayonetta, and now this epic glow-in-the-dark Boo.

I have the Boo faceplates for my Japanese N3DS, and this seems to fit right up that alley. 54 more words


New Super Mario Amiibo Line Revealed!

Way back when Mario Party 10 came out, Nintendo teased that there would be more Super Mario Amiibo including characters like Waluigi and Rosalina. ¬†That was quite a long time ago now and to everyone’s surprise, Super Mario Amiibo have resurfaced! ¬† 215 more words


The Canon: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames

The game that put mini games in the spotlight!

What made it great then? WarioWare launched for the GBA in 2003. For those unaware, it sends the player through a series of micro games that take 3-10 seconds to complete. 294 more words

Video Games

Retro Review: Wario Land 3

In 1994, the world of games saw Mario’s evil doppelganger Wario appear in his own game. It differed slightly from the traditional Mario game, favouring exploration and item collecting. 1,051 more words