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Did You Know Gaming? Takes A Look At Wario Secrets

Did You Know Gaming? has released a new video to their YouTube channel, and it puts another Nintendo character into the spotlight. This time, it is Wario. 59 more words


This Week's Nintendo Minute Features The "Wario’s Wacky Word Challenge"

It is Friday once again, and that means that Kit and Krysta are back with a brand new episode of Nintendo Minute. According to the duo in the video’s description, “this week we came up with a fun little challenge for each other. 30 more words


Nintendo Has Applied For Trademarks For Wario, Waluigi, Koopa Jr., 1UP, And More

Nintendo has been busy with trademarks as of late, but the newest trademark applications from Nintendo aren’t a small package. In fact, a grand total of 7 trademark applications have been filed by Nintendo today. 70 more words


A Post That Is Kind Of About Wario's Woods...

A video caught my attention recently, where Miketendo acquired a factory sealed copy of Wario’s Woods for the original Nintendo. It was released in February of 1994 and holds the distinction of being the last licensed game for the system released in America, which may attribute to why people are still finding unopened copies. 488 more words

If You Must Take a Mario-Kart Tour of Tokyo, Please Buckle Up

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If you must dress up as Wario for a go-kart tour of Tokyo, please be safe.

It’s one of Japan’s hottest attractions amid a tourism boom— to the frustration of some locals . 483 more words


Episode 104: Wario

Download Episode 104: “Wario” here!

Aside from Bowser and Wart, Mario didn’t really have an arch nemesis…that is until Wario appeared. Since his 1992 debut as the antagonist in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Wario’s anti-hero brand has continued to evolve over time. 240 more words


ROM Hacker Adds Color To Super Mario Land 2

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Super Mario Land 2 is one of the more underrated games in Nintendo’s library, with a suite of interesting ideas and some truly weird levels. 99 more words