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Warm Bodies

This off-the-wall different movie is one of my favorites. Certainly the plot of it is somewhat illogical, but when you are dealing with zombies, what’s really logical about any of it? 197 more words

TBR Pile: March 2017

Oops, I skipped January and February. Sorry guys, I told you I was still getting used to this. Haha I had planned to have this posted by the 1st but I’ve been taking care of my pup who recently got spayed. 1,548 more words

Nicole Maggi

Warm Bodies

I have mixed feelings on this book. It’s one of those few books that actually lives up to its cover blurb but I also wasn’t completely blown away. 537 more words

Book Review

The Burning World review

So, remember that book, Warm Bodies? It was made into a movie a while ago with that guy whose name I can never remember- the one who looks kind of like an Elf? 534 more words

Review in Brief: The Girl with all the Gifts (2016)

It’s THE LAST OF US meets 28 DAYS LATER, and features the politest, most adorable zombie ever committed to film. Considering the scale of the production, its unavoidable Britishness, the joins occasionally show, but mostly THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS is effective, tense and eerie. 124 more words


Warm Bodies Review

So I watched Warm Bodies…

Originality is a quality that is becoming more and more scarce in modern cinema. Everything is a sequel or remake or a gratuitous addition to whatever the new fad is that has the world gripped. 967 more words

Movie Review

Santa Clarita Diet: Zombie as an alternative life form.

(warnings: may contain some spoilers)

Santa Clarita Diet (2017) premiered on Netflix last week bringing the zombies once again closer to the comfort of our homes. 914 more words