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Doing the zombie shuffle - Zombies in YA literature

I find zombies scary – there I admit it. I always have done. And I can tell you why; we are just one mad scientist away from zombies becoming real. 492 more words

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Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
Published 2010
239 Pages

R is a zombie. He lives with his fellow zombies in an airport, where he rides the conveyors for fun, jokes with his friends and hunts for food. 124 more words


Review: NutriChef Electric Milk Frother & Milk Warmer (Black)

The NutriChef Electric Milk Frother & Milk Warmer is perfect for adding flare to your drink! It Froths and warms your milk in about two minutes. 117 more words

WARM BODIES by Isaac Marion [Review]

Alright, so I’ve committed one of the ultimate sins of reading by watching the film first. HOWEVER, back when I watched the film, I wasn’t reading and I had no idea it was originally a novel. 598 more words


PGA September Article Recap Part 1

So I feel that I learn a lot more about what I read when I write about what I have just read. This series should be a good jumping off point for my education in the process of film production. 1,811 more words


Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

I am almost embarrassed to say that I watched the movie way before I realized Warm Bodies is book 1 of a series!  I know,  577 more words

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