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Stay Cool! First Extended Hot Spell Of The Season Is Here

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The heat is on in Maryland. Much of the state is facing a Code Orange alert, WJZ’s Marcus Washington reports.

Construction crews are just some of the people who have to work in the heat. 269 more words


Upper lip sweating (yes, I really wrote about that) ...

I love the heat so much that I rarely notice it when the temperatures soar. I think that my internal thermostat runs colder than most because I honestly just enjoy it. 35 more words

Life's Little Lessons

A Change in the Weather

Summer is heading for a crash dive in Denmark.

Everyone has been surprised by the warm and stable weather in Denmark over the past month or so, drawing people to the beaches, dragging out the Weber grills and lighting up kilos worth of Australian Charcoal. 203 more words


Garden season springs up weeks early

REGINA – Although the May long weekend is usually the marker for getting a start on gardening, this year’s unseasonably warm weather has pushed that start date up by a few weeks. 243 more words


04-24-2016 Journal – Around the Campfire!

I’ve been complaining for months about wanting warmer temperatures and yesterday I got my wish. We had a gorgeous day in the mid-sixties and it was sunny without a cloud in the sky.  The cat and I even managed an hour on the deck to work on our tans a bit.  It was incredible. 229 more words


random thoughts

While last week felt too short (friday was off), this week feels like loooooong!

Seriously long.

It is “yesterday I thought it was Thursday” long. It is “today felt like 15 hours at the office” long. 187 more words


Thought for the day .....

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 30th day of March, 2016.

Second last day of this month …..


I think that every month I am surprised when it is the last few days. 189 more words

Thought For The Day