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Advanced Relative Clause Pictionary

Photo credit: http://www.lamaestrachiara.com/inglese/song/green-bottles/ten-green-bottles.htm

This is a revision lesson plan for CAE students studying advanced relative clause phrases such as: all of whom, some of which etc. 359 more words


7 Activities Using Music and Song (Gap-fill Free Zone)

Music is a great way to teach English but often we limit our activities to gap fill exercises. But there are many more ways to exploit music and song. 1,544 more words


Seven Lateral Thinking Puzzles

In an earlier post I suggested using lateral thinking as a warmer. Lateral thinking problems encourage learners to think creatively and critically to solve problems. Remember your learners can ask any question but you (or the puzzle setter if it is a learner) can only answer yes, no or not important/relevant. 560 more words


Seven Preparation-Light Warmers

It’s good to have a repertoire of warmers that don’t need much preparation up your sleeve. These ones can be recycled in different contexts. You can use technology if you wish but it is not necessary – a board, pen and paper will do. 823 more words


Seven Reasons To Use Warmers

We all know that a great warmer can wake up and energise learners (and teachers) for the upcoming lesson. Beyond this key role warmers can also have other functions. 629 more words


Changing Your Wax

This is probably the most often asked question. How often and HOW!

  • On average change your wax once a week
  • Use only 1-2 cubes maximum in a warmer.
  • 191 more words