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We Are Ready For Peace

Drifting timeline moving
with a renewed
– Reluctance hovers above…
Shifting weight
from left to right
and all that comes
around is the absence… 69 more words


It's Saga Jim but not as we know it

I don’t know whether James Tiberius Kirk ever played Saga in the future but if he did he likely played it in 28mm. I love Saga in 28mm, it’s what most people play it in, as intended. 393 more words

Dom's Dodgy Dice

The Temple of the Gentle

The single drop of blood from a being that we call a god abides in the Temple of the Gentle.  It abides there and must abide for all time, or until the end of time.  4,733 more words


Advancing the Romanians, work in progress and thoughts

Been making some progress, not as much as I’d like but being laid up does that to you. This week it’s been a sniper, 4 SMG armed men and 4 riflemen with panzerfausts. 360 more words

Dom's Dodgy Dice

Ankara bombing

This morning my heart goes out for Ankara and Ivory Coast, the latest victims of human violence and stupidity. Innocent people like you and me or your neighbour, your colleague, the shop assistant who always helps you find the right stuff,  the children in the neighbourhood who are laughing and playing all afternoon. 107 more words


senryu - consecrating poor judgment

NY Times anoints
yet another warmonger
lauding her great skills

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© Gregory V Driscoll  2016



“I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” 

George S. McGovern



Graphic Byzantine_K



Looks like this b****** got what he wanted. 649 more words

Human Rights