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Terrorists Vandalize Our Colleague's Car in Japan, Again

Fire-Earth contributor’s car vandalized by terrorists in Wakayama, Japan twice in three weeks

Supporters of the warmongering PM of Japan repeatedly terrorize our colleague in Wakayama.  35 more words

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Obama channels Bush's WMD in dash for Iran deal


“The Ayatollah consistently believed that we are untrustworthy, that you can’t negotiate with us, that we will screw them,” US Secretary of… 1,834 more words


Warmonger  the  new  fantasy part of Wargames Foundry is rumbling steadily into life.

They already have some of the original Kevin Adams Great Orc Characters, Mercenary Orcs and Orcling riders available for sale and will be adding to them steadily over the next few weeks. 73 more words


The Right urges us to blame Obama & directly fight ISIS. Will we repeat our mistakes?

Summary:  As ISIS (grandly calling itself the “Islamic State”) expands, the Right blames Obama and calls for more direct military involvement by America. Their arguments rely on our amnesia about the past and delusions about the nature of modern war. 778 more words

Iraq & Afghanistan

Napoleon Bonaparte, a Reblog from June 2014


The following is taken from an online debate Above is a link to it.

” . . . .. Not even being the ‘First Consul for Life’ satisfied him. 984 more words