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Gandhi Is Still An Asshole In Civilization VI

(Source: kotaku.com)

Gandhi’s been a notorious asshole in Sid Meier’s Civilization, first as a result of a bug and later because that bug was hilarious. 528 more words


Moosotaur, Greebo Troll and som gobbos

Players for a Chaos Pact team; Troll, Dark elf and a Moosotaur.

The troll is from Greebo, the dark elf (not sure) and the Moosotaur is from Eurobowl 2016. 146 more words


Trump Accuses Senator McCain and Graham as Warmongers Focused on WWIII

Trump has accused Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham as becoming warmongers.

The latest Trump wrath is a response to the Senators’ criticisms over the 7-nation ban implemented earlier in the week against Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia. 597 more words

Boiling Frogs: Two Corbett Report Videos Sum Up 8 Years of Lies and Deceptive Warmongering Actions of Barack Obama

In the two videos below James Corbett of Boilng Frogs Post provides an excellent on-point analysis of all of Barack Obama’s deceptive actions over the last 8 years. 32 more words

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