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MH17 probe looking for witnesses to back ‘Buk missile’ scenario

RT | March 31, 2015

The international team of experts investigating the MH17 tragedy in eastern Ukraine have called for possible witnesses to turn in any evidence that might back a scenario that the airliner was shot down by a Buk missile system.

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A REASONED RESPONSE TO A WASHINGTON POST CALL FOR WAR WITH IRAN, by Chris Floyd - [and some well reasoned righteousness, at last...]



I was going to write a careful, reasoned commentary on this article in the Washington Post — “War With Iran is Probably Our Best Option” — written by a highly respected fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, Joshua Muravchik.

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US financial collapse leads to war

Scanning the headlines in the western mainstream press, and then peering behind the one-way mirror to compare that to the actual goings-on, one can’t but get the impression that America’s propagandists, and all those who follow in their wake, are struggling with all their might to concoct rationales for military action of one sort or another, be it supplying weapons to the largely defunct Ukrainian military, or staging parades of US military hardware and troops in the almost completely Russian town of Narva, in Estonia, a few hundred meters away from the Russian border, or putting US “advisers” in harm’s way in parts of Iraq mostly controlled by Islamic militants. 106 more words

Anti-American Activities

“Nearly all the leaders of the liberal opposition [in Russia] are either fully Jewish or have Jewish background”

It’s obvious that there is a strong Jewish influence in the West opposed to Russia, particularly noticeable among the Israel Lobby and the neocons — … 232 more words

Living The Diversity Nightmare

US Provokes Russia: British, US Troops Parade thru a Border City Narva, Estonia

US Provokes Russia: British, US Troops Parade thru a Border City Narva, Estonia

US armored vehicles flying American flags were paraded Tuesday through the Estonian city of Narva, just a few hundred yards from the Russian border. 677 more words

Bad Government

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: Israel creates the "greatest danger" in the region

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday (Mar 4) said Israel creates the “greatest danger” in the region, after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned against a nuclear deal with the Islamic republic. 485 more words