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Wake Me Up 

Wake me up,
when the transfer window end.
There’re much bunch of shit
that causuing me suffering headache.

People like to be telling lies.
They shall not have peace. 64 more words


May 26, 1755: Read His French Lips

Louis Mandrin was to France what Robin Hood was to England and Rob Roy to Scotland. Having served in the war of 1740 in a light brigade noted for undertaking dangerous missions to surprise the enemy, he was left idle and without income by peace, which made a remarkable appearance in 1748. 278 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Militant Peace

Cup of coffee in hand, reading my morning newspaper, I feel a sudden jolt. No, not a jolt from the caffeine. It is the story that brings me up short. 781 more words

Robert L. Ivie

Symptoms of the pending fall of empire

Strong empires attacked from the outside may withstand, but those that are rotten within will fall, one way or another.

2017 May 9th
Symptoms of the pending fall of empire…

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Social Commentary

Democrats are now Republicans

By Dom Nozzi

March 3, 2017

Now that both the Republicans AND Democrats have been corrupted by big money lobbyists, it should come as no surprise that the Democrats are now sounding like Republicans during the Donald Trump era. 1,023 more words


Veteran, Eat Your Gun

On this day, when we remember the crucifixion and preposterous resurrection of Christ, the rock star, it is entirely appropriate that I bring attention to monstrous hypocrisy.   382 more words

Military Disasters