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Should George Miller Direct Man of Steel 2, or Justice League Dark?

Hey there movie fans! Sorry for the gap in posts, I was out of state attending a wedding of some very close friends. As time passed however a great many fun conversations among friends spurred the momentum behind the next few posts I’ll be writing over the next week or so. 1,048 more words


SPOTLIGHT: Brassy Pre-Code Blondell (V)

Welcome to our 600th post, a new Film Friday, and the continuation of our spotlight series on the Pre-Code work of Joan Blondell (1906-1979), an iconic Warner dame known for her snappy speech and straight-shooting style. 896 more words


Seppin's Tuesday Top Five: Top 5 DC Movies We want to see

Hey everyone, we have decided to start a new segment that will act as a top five Tuesday sort of deal. We are going to start it off with DC movies that we personally want to see in their lineup. 912 more words


The Intern (2015) - Personal Movie Review

“You’re never wrong to do the right thing.” – Mark Twain

The Intern, as per IMDb page, tells a story about a 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker who has discovered that retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 307 more words


The Mad Max User Experience

I recently was looking for a new job. While searching I came across loads of open roles for UX designers. 10 years ago, that job title pretty much did not exist. 2,553 more words


Tell It To the Marines (1926)

Lon Chaney stars here as a gruff looking dog faced drill Sergeant proving he didn’t necessarily need monster make-up to prove he could be intimidating presence on screen. 747 more words

Daily Take

Which 'Wonka' movie is worthy of a Golden Ticket

By Olivia Richard | 09/25/14 6:00pm

(Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

With its lyrically hypnotic songs, unforgettable characters and captivating mysteries, Roald Dahl’s classically unforgettable story was forever imprinted into our hearts and inducted into cinematic history when it was released in 1971. 1,185 more words