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The Nice Guys

After exploring the superhero genre with “Iron Man 3,” writer and director Shane Black returns to the one he mastered years ago: the buddy cop movie. 717 more words

Suicide Squad (2016)

A controversial film closed out this year’s relatively lackluster Summer blockbuster season, Suicide Squad. The picture continues Warner Brothers’ and DC Entertainment’s concerning trend of divisive comic book movies (graphic cinema). 2,436 more words

Who Should Play Black Manta In Aquaman? - Top 5

I first revealed the villain for Aquaman HERE in case you want to read more about it, but I was slightly, I repeat slightly, disappointed that James Wan, the horror director didn’t choose the Trench Monsters from the New 52 run of Aquaman, but when I let the news settle a bit, I couldn’t be too upset about the decision. 872 more words


More Thoughts On Suicide Squad

Well, more of an elaboration of previous thoughts….

I have been to see Suicide Squad 3 times now, I love every aspect of this movie. But two things I cannot get over, Jared Leto’s voice as the Joker changes so often in the few scenes he’s involved in. 593 more words

The Perfect Scene - The Dark Knight - How to rob a bank and alienate people

Film:                     The Dark Knight

Director:              Christopher Nolan

Writer:                 Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan


A group of gangsters rob a bank that apparently holds a large sum of money that belongs to the mob. 408 more words


Faster & more furry-ous

When an art teacher pronounced that every artist has at least 100,000 bad pictures in them before getting good, the youthful Chuck Jones breathed a sigh of relief. 429 more words


'Ocean's Eight': Feminist Sea of Possibility or Sexist Swamp?

Hearing about an all-star chick reboot of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise triggered my gag reflex. Sure, I’m just a movie freak who thinks franchises are for fried chicken not film. 814 more words