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There are those who live as if they expect everything to be given to them. There are those who live as if they have a conscience, and try to do their best. 1,223 more words

The Love Of God

We Get the Government We Collectively Deserve - "Tough Love" Edition

The results of the 2017 election with the defeat of Clinton by Trump have left many heads spinning in what can be said to be the greatest election surprise since “ 2,328 more words


And because of the abundance of evil, many hearts will grow cold

True to itself; the Bible spells out what will happen as people see the world degenerate into worse and worse evil. I’m already affected, and know that I’m slowly proving the above Scripture (in the title of this post) to be true. 265 more words

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Finding quite a bit of stuff today...

Does your church preach the truth, preach a partial truth, or do you get something else?

False gospel isn’t a gospel at all.

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I don't believe it

While I’m voicing things that either annoy me, or make me angry, here’s something I’m extremely concerned about. I’ve done this too, so don’t think I’m pulling anyone else’s chain. 214 more words

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No more lies

It hasn’t stopped. In all this time, since at least the early to mid-90s, people are still using other people for a spiritual sideshow. They ask if they can pray for your ‘healing’ to give ‘god’ “glory”. 909 more words

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