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Poem: Warning Label

You are window-shopping

When you happen to see

My mannequin in the window

Seduced by a spontaneous

Misplaced temptation

You momentarily consider purchase

But just as you are about… 209 more words

Misread Poetry Prompt - Hazardous

Hazardous Life

Hairdryers, air mattresses, Coca Cola,
heating pads, skill saws, coffee pots, all
hazardous to your health, say
all the warning labels.
May cause cancer, will electrocute, 75 more words


Warning Labels

I’m so badass I come with a warning label like a Gremlin. You know, those cute furry things that you are not supposed to get wet or be fed after midnight. 1,135 more words


Tell Your Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Story

I encourage every person who has been hurt by fluoroquinolone antibiotics (or any other pharmaceutical) to tell his or her story.

Telling your story of pain caused by fluoroquinolones can be cathartic and relieving. 887 more words

I Married a Ken Doll

Prompt Day #233: Brainstorm the surprisingly dire consequences of not following a common warning (Mattress tag, Street Sign, Washing label, Medicine bottle, Traffic sign, It’s up to you!) 1,116 more words

Writing Challenge

you've been warned

Yes, you can be scared even without copious amounts of blood and gore.

You’ve been warned.

January 15th from Crystal Lake Publishing. Pre-sale January 10th.

New Book

Could warning labels curb problem drinking?

HALIFAX – When it comes to curbing binge drinking and the associated health and social problems, could a graphic warning be the answer?

Researchers at St. 521 more words