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Warning Labels for Humans

Impressively awkward with impeccably bad timing, displays inappropriate and occasionally inconsiderate emotional responses in serious situations. Total inability to speak coherently when needed and when speaking, demonstrates incapacity to sugar-coat anything. 11 more words


Warning: You’re an Idiot

And just so we don’t forget, manufacturers stick bright orange labels on their products to protect us from ourselves.  Because without them, who knows what we’d do after microwaving that frozen broccoli and ham Stromboli TV dinner.  724 more words


The Devil Made Me Do It

Today (Friday, 27th March, in the year of our Lord 2015) I did something rather out of character. I bought a new pistol. Not just new in the sense of “in the box, unfired” as opposed to used, but a rather new configuration and model. 2,132 more words

Firearms And Their Use

Are diabetics dumb enough to share pen devices and [sometimes] needles

The FDA is adding a warning label on diabetes pen devices, making clear that the pens are intended for single patient use only and shouldn’t be shared, even if the needle is changed.

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Should California Put Warning Labels On Soda?

Anti-soda activists are feeling lucky these days.

In recent months there have been a series of policy battles around curbing the consumption of sugary drinks. This past election voters in Berkeley and San Francisco both decided whether to place a tax on sugar sweetened beverages. 322 more words

Food For Thought

Sugary Drinks Should Have Warning Labels, California Bill Says

A California lawmaker introduced legislation Wednesday that would require sugary drinks sold in that state to carry a label that cautions they can contribute to “obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.” 299 more words

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Dangers: Why Didn't They Tell Me??

There are hundreds of peer-reviewed research articles about how harmful fluoroquinolones are.

The harm done by these dangerous drugs hasn’t been communicated to patients or medical professionals though. 89 more words