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It Turns Out That GMO Warning Labels Didn't Work

A new study released just days after the U.S. House passed a bill that would prevent states from requiring labels on genetically modified foods reveals that GMO labeling would not act as warning labels and scare consumers away from buying products with GMO ingredients.

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Warning Label

If I came with a warning label, (like the kind of label on foods, which states allergy advice) what warnings would I put?

  1. Mood swings…
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Creative Writing

Emptying Out the Old Pockets

As the Fourth of July holiday is upon us, it is time to empty your good blogger’s pockets and see what posting tidbits are lying about with the pennies and the lint. 199 more words


"A snowman tolerates while freezing." Mystery product's label is questionable and hilarious!

First impressions are very important, not only for people but for products too. A product’s packaging and labels can make or break a deal depending on whether the design and text on it appeals to the consumer. 654 more words


Have you ever read your toothpaste's warning label?

Have you ever read your toothpaste’s warning label? I was quite surprised when I recently did. I subsequently went to my local pharmacist to find something less harmful and without fluoride (good luck with that), and the attendant who helped me sort through all the different main brand toothpastes looked at me incredulously when I pointed out these warnings to her. 176 more words

Other Food For Thought

Coke, Pepsi Nailed: San Francisco becomes first city to require health warnings on soda ads

San Francisco became the first city Tuesday to require a health warning label on soda advertisements, as part of an ongoing effort to reduce consumption of beverages blamed for causing diabetes, obesity and tooth decay. 149 more words

Sacramento Update

San Francisco Tackles the Soda Industry (Again)

One of the hottest topics in the Bay Area over the last several months has been new regulations and taxes on the soda industry. Once perceived as invincible to electoral defeat, last November Berkeley residents overwhelmingly voted in a new tax on sugar sweetened beverages, namely soda. 344 more words

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