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Head’s up! Here’s my 2 cents worth of wisdom for the day (puns facetiously intended)

READ Proverbs 22

We all have Proverbs 22:6 ingrained in our biblical parenting toolkit, “Train up a child in the way he SHOULD go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” We moms wonder if & pray that we have helped set out childrens’ feet on the path that God would purpose for them-using scriptures to train & fashion their character.. 680 more words

Fl should come with a warning

I had a very bad experience recently on fl, bad enough that I had to close my account and start another one. For a brief minute I thought of not rejoining at all, but then I realized that this too, is learning about me. 579 more words


Why You Should Leave

It is hard to love me

I know

I am a mixture of crazy and sad

And brilliant and mad

I seesaw from joy to dismay… 131 more words


Warning: EOS lipbalm

So I saw these cute little balls, all colorful and calling my name! I bought about 4, as I saw them I just grabbed them. I switched between the Pomegranate Raspberry and the Summer fruit, and double applied at night before bed. 264 more words



My brother has this look on his face whenever I come into a room where there are visitors.

Like, he sends me this warning look (o_o) in which he slightly enlarge his eyes while staring at me. 14 more words

Travel Warning - Johannesburg Airport!!

Running late to get to Johannesburg airport to board the 1st of 3 flights to Goa, India…we arrive and are quickly told that we are at the wrong terminal, quick 10 min run to Terminal B where we met this random guy apparently ‘working’ there who explained that we were at the wrong terminal for our flight…he was not wearing any official clothing and so I was sceptical but before we could protest he grabbed our trolley and off he went back the way we came to Terminal A!!! 137 more words

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