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Things too hard to understand

In the teaching on the Last Days, we find Paul closing his letter in 2Pe 3:14-18 with a warning for Christ’s followers to adhere even to the most challenging of teachings.



You’re dynamic and glowing! You can’t be out-of-energy! Welcome back our friends from everywhere: the US, Germany, Australia, Poland, the UK, China, France, Vietnam, India, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Belgium ;) 171 more words


Who Is The Best Wife In Stardew Valley?

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Stardew Valley has finally arrived on the Switch and instead of exchanging the best farming tips or fishing techniques, we ask the real question on all of our minds: Who is the the game’s best romantic interest? 26 more words


overload warning

all this
flying in formations
infoblitzing bombardments
bombarding and informing me
yea though I download with thee
your fake news and dark warnings… 18 more words


TMWH - Mama, Part 3

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“What are you doing!? Leave her alone! No Take me! No, No, No! Isa! No, I will go! 627 more words


The Door That Won't Close

Finished reading a UK article about a very unfortunate soul who took her life at St. Paul’s last week. Usually these types of things get to me but in the long run they are all (as far as we know from the news) basically the same thing. 766 more words

Economist warning on global financial markets

ANZ economist Sharon Zollner was interviewed on Q+A on Sunday.

A stark warning came from ANZ Economist Sharon Zollner.

“I think it’s fair to say that some things are starting to smell a bit like 2007 out there in global financial market land”, she said.

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