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Warning to All Apple and Amazon Customers

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been active (very sorry to my viewers), but it has been a very chaotic time recently… More about the article though, leave likes, comments, anything really!   305 more words

JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting, Thursday 20th October, 2016


Prayer Theme: Protection

Overview of Readings

  1. *Bible: 1 Kings 21: 1-16 (The King of Samaria wanted Naboth’s vineyard, but Naboth refused to give it to him.
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Prayer Group (MDM) Messages

JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting Tuesday, 18th October, 2016


Prayer Theme: Salvation of Souls

Overview of Readings

1.Bible: Isaiah 15: 5-9 (Speaks of famine, rivers filled with blood, chastisments)

2. B of T: 9th, 2011… 1,454 more words

Prayer Group (MDM) Messages

Molly and the New Editor, pt. 03

A dazed Molly looked up at the people clustered around her.

She was naked – they were clothed.

She was on her back atop a waist high padded bench – they were standing around it. 7,616 more words

Adult Only

Rejected, rejected, yeah you just got rejected...

Many probably won’t remember that song. If you ever watched Zoey 101 after school on nickelodeon then you’ll know exactly how it goes.

The earliest memory I have of rejection is when I was a little girl. 549 more words


Chapter 41 will be delayed, because I do stupid, stupid things.

Hi. Ordinarily, I strive to keep my personal business off the internet because I’m an incredibly private person. Besides, it feels arrogant to presume anyone would care about my life or personal opinions. 918 more words