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Hollyweird problems: Actress Taryn Manning slams stylist for her $200 dress at the SAG Awards

Taryn Manning is a 39-year-old actress best known for acting on the “Orange is the New Black” Netflix show.

She’s also known for assaulting her personal assistant. 359 more words


Top house democrat took $50,000 from taxpayers to keep a former staffer quiet

Why are tax-payer dollars being used to silence the abusive activities of politicians? Unreal.

From Daily Caller: The top Democrat on the House Committee on Natural Resources used taxpayer dollars to pay off a former staffer who threatened to sue, claiming the lawmaker was often drunk and created a hostile workplace. 262 more words


This is Hollyweird: Actress Bella Thorne wears porn-covered jumpsuit on red carpet

With all the sexual harassment scandals coming out of Hollywood, is it really good timing to wear an outfit with pictures of pornographic posters and your breasts so exposed… 144 more words


Joan Walsh trashes Ivanka Trump: "I don't mean to sound sexist but..."

This comes from the oh-so-progressive editor-at-large of Salon and an MSLSD political analysis. Beautiful Ivanka living rent-free in proggies’  heads.

Buckle up cupcakes, ‘ya got three and one half years left of the current administration.



Controlling Muslim company boss who bullied teenage girlfriend avoids jail because it might hurt his business

The real war on women.

From Daily Mail: A controlling company director who bullied his teenage girlfriend by banning her from using a phone and throwing away her clothes in a bid to force her into marriage has escaped jail.  1,206 more words

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