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Going Back in Time in NYC

I’ve just returned from a weekend getaway to the Big Apple. Any reasonable person would ask, “Why in the world would you go to New York–let alone in early November?” (Lucky for me and my sister, last weekend’s temperatures averaged from the high 50s to low 70s!) Sometimes we need a change of scenery, even for a weekend. 1,127 more words


Get Real. The “War on Women” is not a War, It’s an Assault

Sexual assault and forced pregnancy have always been instruments of war; but the “war on women” is not a war. It’s just assault, straight up.     618 more words

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The incessant assault upon a woman's ability to choose what to do with her body and the vilification of any woman's desire for empowerment is an unconscionable stain upon the conservative movement and those who support it.

Right-wing media calls a minority woman a “monkey”

Just kidding. It was a tolerant and compassionate left wing rag.

Salon: The number of dead and injured at Umpqua Community College in Oregon is unconfirmed as I write this on Thursday afternoon. 437 more words


Don't Call it Pro Life

Few things make me angrier than people who are violently opposed to abortion, and who take it upon themselves to inflict their severe intolerance, ignorance, and idiocy on women who are just trying to take care of themselves and their bodies. 751 more words


Planned Parenthood Dossier

One of the platforms upon which Hillary Clinton will try to run involves her ovaries, my breasts, and your “reproductive rights” under the umbrella of “women’s health”.  434 more words

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Why I Stayed with The Abuser

There was this one time where he slapped me across the face, hard. Then he shoved me over a chair. I fell onto the floor and as I lay there crying he kicked me in the stomach two times. 3,764 more words


Bill and Hillary Clinton=the REAL "War on Women"

With the brouhaha involving Donald Trump’s comments about Rosie O’Donnell and Megan Kelly opening the door for the false, stale “Republicans hate women” mantra to infiltrate the government-run media to help Hillary’s ovaries out as much as possible, never forget (and educate the millennial voters) that Bill and Hillary Clinton are the poster children for any war on women that may exist…and it goes back decades.  2,339 more words

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