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Reverse gravity of a dying star

In formation of a black hole they say

” a tremendous amount of gravity is generated at the heart of a dying star ” .

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Life Drawing - Out of Proportion

With this study, I found myself drawing the proportions with ‘sketchy’ charcoal strokes. This resulted in the body’s proportions becoming warped. I believe this was because I wasn’t using confident strokes and I didn’t look at the model nearly enough. 37 more words


Beaded Inkle Band Experiment

I’ve had this idea for an inkle band project for a while now. Since December, actually.

In between playdates, laundry, runny noses… you get the picture, it’s been thought about it, drawn, theorized about, and sampled- 3 times. 106 more words


Man Hee Lee speech of WARP hosted by HWPL

Greeting to  you from all of us here at the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (“HWPL) headquarters in Seoul. We sincerely hope that you, your loved ones, and the people you share your world with are enjoying peace and good health. 493 more words


Star trek casandra clash 2

The clash part 2
Kentorian vessel
“Detecting impact inside !”the weapons officer said. “Now we at at the beginning !  “Commander helia said. “I am unable to get acurate scans inside the nebula. 449 more words

Star Trek

Warp, Next Island to Calypso, solo.

I needed to return to Calypso for a soc. Beacon Mission and not having much time I warped, the journey was uneventful and on arrival I took the teleporter to the surface as I had no time. 7 more words