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WARP Summit and HWPL, Peace activist Man Hee Lee quotes

WARP Summit and
HWPL, Peace activist
Man Hee Lee Quotes

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the sound for peace was heard once again

On May 25, 2014 the Commemoration of the Declaration of world peace was held in Seoul and Busan, South Korea. The event was a wonderful success and celebrated the achievements of the International peace youth group in their first year of working toward sustainable solutions for peace around the world. 161 more words


Either Peace or Pieces

Either We Live In
Peace or Pieces!


Which one would you choose to Peace or Pieces?


-A Yemeni journalist

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Review: Stingray313 & Mariska Neerman - EP002 (Bleep43)

With only two EPs to their name, London based label Bleep43 haven’t perhaps been the most prominent stable in the world since their formation in 2010. 678 more words


F is for Form

In life sometimes we are encouraged to hold things together. In paddle making that’s just what a form does. A form makes it easy to keep things in one place, straight and aligned as the epoxy sets or the glue dries. 179 more words

WARP Peace Summit by HWPL: groundbreaking

WARP Peace Summit: Leaders Committed To Peace Again, by HWPL

Topic of WARP Peace Summit by HWPL: 305 more words


Percussions - 2011 until 2014 - Album Review

With the current music scene saturated due to a plethora of record labels, both independent and major, many artists are afforded the opportunity to reach a global audience at a very low cost, at least in comparison to the physical format years. 284 more words