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Getting Started- Edward Bransfield Commemorative Tartan

When I returned from my trip to Antarctica, I wanted to weave a tartan similar to the one that had been posted on the boat’s bulletin board. 667 more words

Warrior Evo WARP Mini Lacrosse Stick

Keep a stick in your hands at all times with this fun sized package. This stick takes the performance attributes of the Warp platform and puts it in a recreational size stick so you can play the game anytime and anywhere. 69 more words


Warp Transport (Calypso to Cyrene)

While at Crystal Palace I noticed a repeated request for a warp transport from Calypso. I soon found an off-line transport to Cyrene was required. The client readied their self while I manoeuvred to Calypso Space Station. 39 more words

Entropia Universe

Things I Never Knew and Now I Know Why

I was putting a warp on my loom today and began to ruminate about the words that weaving has taught me. (I have no idea why my brain does this) How did we get words like “heddle”.  388 more words

Lev Grossman - Warp: A Novel

I ended up reading Warp: A Novel the reprinted 2016 copy on a bargain pick-up at a discount book warehouse.  I read the back cover and thought, a first work of a now acclaimed author, sounds cool.  490 more words



Of all the Superpowers
In the people I have met
Your ability to bend time
Is by far my favourite
Forty minutes feels like hours… 16 more words


When Weaving Goes Wrong!

I learnt 3 valuable lessons recently, I didn’t mean to but like all good lessons they are there to learn from!