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22/09/16 alice in wonderland.

this week we continued our alice in wonderland projects. using the magnetic lasso tool and other methods, a series of plants were singled out of their original images. 162 more words

Game & Read Reviews: Warp

Lev Grossman’s ‘Warp’ opens with a brief preface describing his life as a young man in the 1990’s. He writes about the loneliness he felt and the personal issues many need to deal with in the wake of being thrust from the bubble of college. 456 more words


The Game & Read Podcast: Episode 4

This week on the Game & Read Podcast we talk books, games, and news. Peter reviews Lev Grossman’s republished book ‘Warp’ and Erin shares her thoughts on the National Book Awards Long List. 26 more words


1st - 3rd Gr Weaving

Students learn to warp the cardboard loom and choose the weft(s) from the classroom given colorway.

Then there’s the student who gets so excited and weaves at home . . . way to go Joe!

3rd Gr

K - Paper Weaving

Started with coloring a warm color paper and then a cool color paper, which one becomes the warp and the other one becomes the weft.


Just Off The Loom

Off  my Dryad rigid heddle table loom. Weft ends still to tidy, but very pleased with this. All the warp & most of the weft is my handspun Portland wool blended with Kool-Aid dyed mohair. 73 more words

Dying Warp and Weft using Rit Dye Powder

This was an experiment in teal. According to the instructions on the box, one packet of Rit dye powder should be dissolved in three gallons of water (roughly 11 litres) and is sufficient for 3 yards of fabric. 361 more words