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Somebody do something!

While I definitely see that there is an enormous problem with income inequality, I’m not sure what the solution could be. I agree that those at the top of the wealth spectrum have too much money, and that those at the bottom have too little. 1,217 more words

Income Inequality

Civilians Who Run Full-Page Ads in the New York Times (Michael Steinhardt Edition)

The latest in our long-running series

Yesterday’s New York Times featured this ad on A5.

At issue:

That’s problematic for Michael Steinhardt – president of the… 113 more words

Manpasand Beverages IPO

Warren Buffett’s words on IPO continue to ring true — “It’s almost a mathematical impossibility to imagine that, out of the thousands of things for… 237 more words

Why many rich people do charity? And, why celebrities are too prone to fall into addiction and depression as well, and why it becomes too hard for them to come out of it. Is there any quick-fix solution for it .

Available at: http://slkglobal.net/slk-global-slk
SLK, first would like to mention that it’s can’t thanks enough to the “the rich and super rich people” and “very famous and successful people” around the globe who do the charity work. 965 more words

Heart & Soul

Company owned by Warren Buffett to build warehouse west of Jupiter

Will the Oracle of Omaha supply Slurpee mix to South Florida 7-Elevens from a warehouse west of Jupiter?

McLane Co., a unit of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, is mum about its plans, but… 104 more words


How Warren Buffett Keeps Up With Information

A telling excerpt from an interview of Warren Buffett (below) on the value of reading. Seems like he’s taking the opposite approach to Nassim Taleb… 227 more words

Freeloaders Of Food- Study Proves You Have Not Evolved

“Behave like you are not hungry.” But mom, I am hungry “You might be starving, but do not eat more than 2 spoonfuls when you are at Sushma aunt’s” Well, I think most of us remember having grown up like this. 576 more words