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Digging in the Garage - Episode 2

Time for a second episode of Digging in the Garage, where I feature some of my favorite garage tunes, as heard on Nuggets or Little Steven’s Underground Garage… 435 more words

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Music-Werewolves Of London By Warren Zevon " I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand"

This song was selected from the Hermit Poet’s Music Collection.

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Creeps, Deviants and Psychopaths

So its that time of year – Halloween.  Traditionally its has been associated with ghosts, vampires, and monsters.  Spooky fun.  But in the US, especially in the last 50 years, the holiday has also become associated with slasher flicks, serial killers, and other psychopaths – blame John Carpenter’s classic movie Halloween.  450 more words

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Music Monday: Five Songs from My Halloween Playlist

After a brief hiatus, I am bringing back Music Monday just in time to share some of my favorite Halloween songs.  There’s no way a list this small can even come close to touching upon all the awesome music for this time of year, but I figured I’d share some of my current favorites anyway.   421 more words


Astrologer Donna van Toen of SOTA Fame

For those not following Donna van Toen, the wonderful organizer of SOTA, announced on Facebook, that she has lung cancer.  Her site is DonnaVanToen.com  We wish her well in her journey forward. 225 more words


Awesome Keller and a Strong Two-Song Halloween Playlist

“He wears the same hat and sweater every single day.  And even if it’s hot, outside he wears it anyway!”

My sister and brother-in-law have two amazing kids. 

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⦿ French Inhaler-Warren Zevon

 1976.     Warren. . . and  the  painfully beautiful lyrics

‘ How are you gonna make your way in the world when you weren’t cut out for workin’… 8 more words

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