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Warrior III

Begin standing. Shift your weight to one leg and lift the other off the ground as you raise your arms overhead. On your exhale, begin to tilt your upper body forward while extending your lifted leg straight back. 46 more words

Movement Library

Peter Pan Does Yoga

Here is my latest print that I have added to my Etsy Shop.

Peter Pan can make anyone smile. He is so wonderfully optimistic and self-obsessed. 41 more words

#THFChallenge16 - Day 4

Hello friends,

How are you? It’s a busy week, isn’t it? 😃

Let’s make it work with some yoga: #THFChallenge16, day 4…Warrior III!

WARRIOR 3… 888 more words

20 minutes weightfree

Today, I get home from work early, have my coffee, then hit a 20 minute workout,
1 push ups 3*10
2 squats 3*10
3 jumping jacks 3* 20… 330 more words

Yoga Pose of the Week: July 19th

I am going to start posting a yoga pose along with my reflections of the week every Sunday!

Reflections: Stress is not a thing. Stress is an individual’s response to a perceived threat. 82 more words

Goal Setting And Self-Improvement

Practice: Virabhadrasana 3 Variation


Vira = ‘Hero’      Bhadra = ‘Friend’      Asana = ‘Seat’ / ‘Posture’

(Featured: Leggings by Long Live Legs)

Balancing isn’t everyone’s favourite part of a Yoga class…. 1,405 more words