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Vacation [Body] Weight

Ya know, if I’m on vacation, I’m going to live it up. We all should. Whatever we do that messes up an otherwise disciplined life, its really ok. 246 more words


Warrior Diet - Day 2

The kids were up early this morning complaining of sore throats.  After having a night of fractured sleep, I was not able to get up in time to do my 5 mile warrior walk.   308 more words



So, I’m not going to apologize – again.  It’s just me.  Inconsistent, erratic and prone to distractions.  And plenty of  distractions, I do have.

Still that’s no excuse to neglect something that was meant to stay in touch with family and friends.   518 more words


Why Warrior Diet & It's Benefits

Alright now why all of this? Why fast for 20hrs? Isn’t breakfast the most important diet? This is nothing like what my dietition gave me? Is it worth the effort? 588 more words

Warrior DIet

Warrior Diet - Diet Plan & What can I have in those 4 hours?

Probably you might be bummed hearing that there are restrictions on food even after fasting for 20 hrs! Don’t worry guys there aren’t any restrictions as such! 292 more words

Warrior DIet

Warrior Diet 101

Alright people this is hands down the best diet for those who love to hog on food & at the same time want to lose some of those love handles. 513 more words

Warrior DIet