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I had software training all last week. And to be polite, I went to lunch with the trainer 4 out of the 5 days he was here. 284 more words


Swimming Upstream with Diets

Podcasts often make me go introspective to my daily habits. The topic du jour was diets. So here goes. (quick read? — scroll down for tips) 931 more words


Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Curried Lentils

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but 3 medium potatoes (the amount in 1 serving in this recipe) provides 50% of your daily requirement for vitamin b3, 60% of your daily requirement of Zinc, 70% of your potassium, over 50% of your magnesium, and 90% of your vitamin c. 257 more words


Journal Entry 207 - Making Changes

My first workout after the San Diego trip was not very good. My strength was very lacking and I’m really not sure why. Its not like the calories were low during my trip, although it wasn’t exactly healthy food either. 1,040 more words


Staying Lean Year Round - Diet Days and Long Term Sustainability

A key discovery I made after years of failing at dieting was that a strict short term period of deprivation is easily manageable but deprivation becomes increasingly difficult over a longer time period. 671 more words

The Renegade Diet - My Experience and Review

Intermittent fasting seems to just continue to grow and grow in popularity. From what I’ve read, and videos I have watched, there are a lot of people out there experiencing great results in both health and body composition. 818 more words