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What Yoga Means to Me

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. — Oscar Wilde

The other day at yoga, one of my instructors said something along the lines of the practice of yoga is not doing the perfect yoga pose.

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Gentle Backbends & Integrated Wholeness

Yoga is union. To practice is to unite all the different levels of our being into an integrated whole. This is where peace and healing arise. 52 more words


The beginnings of my yoga journey

Happy International Yoga Day everyone!

I’d love to be able to fill this post with impressive poses and bendy inversions, as you so often see on some… 654 more words


Yoga Class: Shoulders, Legs & Listening

Listening, just like any skill, takes practice. Of course being a good listener makes you a better spouse, parent and —well, person. But this yoga practice is dedicated to listening to yourself. 117 more words


Virabhadrasana I (Warrior Pose I)

1. From Downward Facing Dog, bring the right foot forward next to the right hand.
2. Pivot on the ball of the left foot and drop the left heel on to the floor with the toes turned out about 45 degrees from the heel. 556 more words


21.04.2014. Virabhadrasana I (Warrior One)

This pose seems very easy but if you pay attention to the micro-elements of the pose, you’ll find it is a different pose entirely when you use more of the muscles of the body to maintain the pose.

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you put your right foot in...

in a vinyasa yoga class, stepping your foot forward from downward facing dog pose takes flexibility, core strength, and, sometimes, a little help.