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Create - Teach - Motivate (Week 3)

What motivates you?

Is it joy and happiness, the love of another? Or is it frustration, anger or the need for justice?

There are many paths to motivation, but to create action from that motivation, to actually do something about it, there is two components that are needed in order to ignite that impulse. 471 more words


Blodwyn Y Brath episode five

Blodwyn exited the royal hall to find a guard waiting with a hearty looking pony. A dappled gray with fine mane and tail.

“Queen Atraxii says that you are to have this pony. 1,178 more words


Blodwyn Y Brath episode four

Belenńus began to creep low in the afternoon sky and Arianhrod, the moon began to ascend in the east. At last the rising smoke of settlement fires became visible in the north. 802 more words


The Naked Queen continued

At Maragh Tor the enthusiastic feasting, and the lively sports and games that characterised great intertribal gatherings, continued well into the evening. The highest leaders of all the most powerful tribes, one to represent each gathered to discuss the matter that had brought them together. 1,622 more words


War in the West finale

The Tüatha Gaesatii placed Nesrine Oracca on a round shield, and held her high on their shoulders. She knelt high upon the bulwark in victory with hands raised high as the crowd continued to chant her name. 804 more words


War in the West continued

Oghi took a deep breath and strode out to meet Lachann Mor Tan. She thrust her javelins in the ground, took up her shield and stood ready to fight. 2,191 more words


Blodwyn Y Brath

Blodwyn Y Brath camped alone beneath the vastness of the star filled night sky. Her only companions the embers of her modest fire, and the malign presence that inhabited her mind. 1,109 more words