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Jungle Queen on Her Steed

This concept depicts the matriarch of a jungle kingdom who has a Triceratops as her royal steed. You may not be able to see it well unless you look closely, but her funneled hairstyle is patterned after those of the Mangbetu women of Central Africa. 20 more words



I’ve come to the very real and honest conclusion that we are selfish beings. Well, at least Americans are. Society and Hollywood perpetuate the ideal of unattainable beauty, they only way to get anywhere is by reality TV, (fuck the lot of the Kardashians because IT’S NOT FUCKING REAL PEOPLE!) and the more you ignore the less it exists. 1,068 more words

Mental Illness

Are You The Damsel In Distress Or The Warrior Queen?

The damsel in distress:

  • Waits in her ivory tower for her prince to come and rescue her.
  • Lets him make all the plans for the escape.
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Jamba the Elephant Queen

Sometime in the near future, Queen Jamba must defend her remote African kingdom from an invasion of US Marines orchestrated by rogue President Clinton Trump. They may have guns, tanks, and choppers, but then she has intimate knowledge of the terrain and a thriving elephant population at her command. 158 more words


Ikaba the Jungle Queen

I recently received a creative writing assignment to write a mock pilot treatment¬†for a TV show. I’ve decided I wanted to make it a cartoon aimed at girls under age 12 and have it star a courageous warrior queen from a¬†jungle civilization, and this is my concept art for the protagonist in question. 165 more words


Is It Mandatory To Feel Lonely On A Friday Evening?

I was seriously thinking about that just now, is it or would it be mandatory to think that I am lonely if you’re in a certain age and you’re alone on a Friday evening? 956 more words