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Dear all men, everywhere,

Sometimes women say things with great thought but not necessarily with great feeling. You see, we think we know what we want. 522 more words


Dark Lords of Epthelion: Ryadok

“. . .you think I hold the people in bondage as mindless slaves.  Not so; I unite them in a common purpose under one banner.  Think back over the years, when each kingdom had its own king.   300 more words

Dark Lords of Epthelion: Anhuapta

“Reclaim your power and rightful destiny.  You need give up nothing.  Reclaim your power and stem the rising madness.  You are strong, stronger and wiser than any before you, for you entered the demonic realm and returned unscathed with your honor intact. 198 more words

Portuguese Slave Traders Were No Match for Angolan Queen Nzinga Mbandi | Atlas Obscura

In the 16th century, Portuguese slave traders turned to the Congo and southwest Africa, after their stake in the slave trade was threatened by England and France in the northern part of the continent. 28 more words

16th Century

Jungle Queen on Her Steed

This concept depicts the matriarch of a jungle kingdom who has a Triceratops as her royal steed. You may not be able to see it well unless you look closely, but her funneled hairstyle is patterned after those of the Mangbetu women of Central Africa. 20 more words



I’ve come to the very real and honest conclusion that we are selfish beings. Well, at least Americans are. Society and Hollywood perpetuate the ideal of unattainable beauty, they only way to get anywhere is by reality TV, (fuck the lot of the Kardashians because IT’S NOT FUCKING REAL PEOPLE!) and the more you ignore the less it exists. 1,068 more words

Mental Illness