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Let The Rain Fall

My friend has her birthday today and her birthday gift from me was this poem,
inspired by her. Happy Birthday Dalia ;) :)

celtic warrior queen

I’ve been wanting to draw a red-headed queen in armour since December last year – I made a concept sketch while watching my students write their final exam, and have only now gotten myself to actually sit down and doing it – I’m really good at procrastinating.


Art + Illustration

Boudica's Revenge - Sunday Photo Fiction

Boudica’s Revenge

Vance Bartram looked up at the statue of Boudica beside Westminster Bridge and thought something was different.

“This is an outrage!” shrieked Loughton Pinchot, chairman of the RRS (Roman Reenactment Society). 637 more words

Short Fiction

Forgotten Figures: Zenobia

Of all of the people to cross paths (and swords) with the Romans during their thousand year empire, Zenobia of Palmyra in particular stands out.  She has long been overshadowed by the more famous women who took on Rome: Cleopatra and Boadicea.  2,837 more words



Aethelburh was Queen of Wessex in the early eighth century in modern day England.

Not much is known about Aethelburh’s early life, but she is identified as the wife of Ine, who was King of Wessex from 688—726 CE. 393 more words


Marguerite d'Anjou

Marguerite d’Anjou, or Margaret of Anjou, lived from 1430—1482 CE. She was known for her participation in the Wars of the Roses. She was a Lancastrian queen and a military leader. 789 more words



Olympias lived from 375—316 BCE. She held other names and epithets such as Myrtale, Polyxene, and Stratonice (the latter which meant “victor of the army”.) She was the Queen of Macedon, a politician, and an accomplished battle strategist. 477 more words