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Profile of a Warrior Woman: Susanna Wesley

Nathan’s Aunty Joy sent me this today. I just loved the way the author portrayed one of God’s warrior women. This was written by a dear sister in India and sent to Aunty Joy. 642 more words

Warrior Women

Warrior Women

The above picture is Boadicea, or rather a statue of her in London. Boadicea was a Warrior Queen, which is the subject of today’s blog. 1,505 more words


The Cavalry Maiden

In 1806, 23-years old Nadezhda Durova ran away from home and joined the cavalry in order to escape the “sphere prescribed by nature and custom to the female sex”. 486 more words

Warrior Women: Anne Bonny, Pirate of the Caribbean

Anne Bonny the female pirate

Anne Bonny was certainly not like most women of her era breaking just about all the social conventions there were. The history, legends and folklore that surround pirates of the sea throughout the ages, paint a picture of a male dominated world with most women playing a traditional, subservient, non-aggressive role where they do appear.   1,397 more words


Vacuuming Up

I am in the process of vacuuming up my life.

Or perhaps I should say, I’m creating massive vacuums.

A very smart friend of mine told me about the “vacuum law of prosperity.” At first I thought she was talking about vacuum cleaners creating longer lives, but then I realized she was talking about vacuums of SPACE. 568 more words



to a battle of wits…but I see your unarmed


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