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Artemisia, a Greek Admiral

Artemisia was queen of Halicarnassus (today’s Bodrum in Turkey) in the 5th century BC. Her kingdom was subject to the Persian empire, so when Xerxes mounted his invasion of Greece, she contributed a squadron of five triremes (galleys with three tiers of oarsmen and a crew of about 200). 634 more words

Bimbos and Being Barefoot

Taking a break from my own artwork, here is a personal favorite of mine. The picture say’s it all. I’m not a fan of drawing my own females as warrior sluts (maybe I’ll draw something hot, but not THAT IMPRACTICAL). 12 more words


More on Efunsetan Aniwura

I know I have written on Efunsetan Aniwura before (where I horribly misspelled her name for which I have been told off *haha*) but once is not enough! 1,452 more words


Boudica, Queen of the Iceni: Two books

We authors—especially of historical fiction—cannot get along without our research books. (We also like to visit the places we write about, explore museum exhibits, and participate in archaeology and reenactments, but this post will talk about research of the armchair variety.) We prefer primary sources: journals, diaries, letters, histories, account lists, and literature written in the period, describing the people and events we want to write about; but that’s not always possible. 1,117 more words


Warrior Women: Zenobia of Palmyra (267 A.D.)

This week’s Warrior Woman of the Ancient World in none other than the famed Zenobia of Palmyra. Zenobia was a Syrian queen whose heritage is debated. 1,177 more words


Dahomey Women: Amazonian of West Africa


For the better part of 200 years, thousands of female soldiers fought and died to expand the borders of their West African kingdom. Even their conquerors, the French, acknowledged their “prodigious bravery.”

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Ancient History And Modern History

A Welsh Warrior Woman

In the first third of the 12th century, Britain was thrown into civil war when the daughter and nephew of the late king Henry I fought for the throne. 632 more words