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Do you have a boyfriend?

I am really sorry if you’re tired of hearing me pontificate on the subject of dating. (Actually, I’m not sorry, but I’m trying to be polite, because I like you.) However, I can’t get off my freaking soapbox yet, until I have driven this point well into the ground. 1,209 more words


Susan Travers of the French Foreign Legion

Susan Travers was born into a wealthy English family and spent most of her youth in southern France. After she finished school, she led the life of a socialite, travelling around the world as a semi-professional tennis player. 845 more words

Liebster Award

Oh. My. Word. The kindness of fellow bloggers touches my heart. Amy, from the awesome blog, Modern Mama, nominated me for an award called the Liebster Award. 846 more words

The Elect, the beginning, post 3 of 8: The Police Too

The ride to the police station did not take long and it was not entirely uncomfortable. The officers checked in with Mitzy, the woman at the front desk, before they took the girls to separate rooms. 1,486 more words


Day 287: The Guardians of the Watchtower (Micro-Fiction Wednesday)

Tanika made her way up the dark staircase with Velasca and Kaleeni following right behind her; they knew their mission and they were ready for anything. 249 more words


Germanic Warrior Women

For the Romans, ethnographic observations were often a by-product of campaigning. All the more is it noteworthy that Roman historians repeatedly delve into descriptions of the warlike nature of Germanic women. 607 more words