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Connecting The Dots: #ImAWalkingProtest

When I awoke on the morning of July 6th and from my smartphone watched the cold-blooded murder of Alton Sterling I was moved to tears. I remember lying in the bed with my face buried in a pillow, weeping. 1,523 more words


Thursday June 30, 2016

Women- I want you to watch this video. If you have time to read this blog, then trust me it’ll be a far better use of your time. 797 more words

Queen Cordelia of the Britons

According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, the legendary Queen Cordelia was the youngest daughter of King Leir, of the Britons.  She was unfairly rejected by her father for telling him a truth he should have known.  990 more words


Ice Massacre - These are the mermaids Homer warned you about, but these aren't your average sailors

Mermaids aren’t my thing, but a ship full of warrior women out to exterminate them had some real possibilities.  It didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but it was engaging enough to keep me reading for a few hours straight.   487 more words


Native European Women

Women have always had an important place in Native Culture, as well as the Celts and the Baskunes, More so when to look at the woman’s place within the other main Cultures, like the Greek and Romans, whose women were second class citizens. 1,154 more words


Teaser Tuesday: The Firebrand (again)

Teaser Tuesday post for 24 May 2016
from The Firebrand by Marion Zimmer Bradley

A little less luck, an opponent with a little more skill and the javelin that had torn her cheek would have gone through her throat; it would have been her body burned tonight on that pyre. 
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Teaser Tuesday

Every Journey Takes Courage

Two weeks ago I started a series on The Three Cs of Feeling Empowered. I planned to write about confidence first because I feel that confidence is so fundamental to empowerment but it occurred to me that before you can develop the confidence to take charge you first must overcome your fear. 290 more words