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Culann's Hound 28: Bitter Honey

Modern artwork of Aoife and other warrior women tends to be highly sexualized, and (to my knowledge) no ancient images of these women exist. I’ve yet to find a piece of art that matches my mental image of Aoife, but these caught my eye: 2,503 more words


The Legend of Bevis of Hampton, 4: Continental French versions 2 and 3

The legend of Bevis of Hampton is extant in three great families of redactions: the Anglo-Norman, the Continental French, and the Italian. The Italian versions are the only ones to link Bevis with the legend of Charlemagne, but this post treats of the Continental French Redaction. 1,321 more words

Carolingian Legend

Empowering Women...

I absolutely LOVE empowering others….but ESPECIALLY WOMEN!

I was once “lost but now I am found“….I have found freedom in being ME!

I understand when I struggle about something….it is not from GOD….it is not how HE designed me…..IT IS ME needing to RENOUNCE the LIES that are whispered in my ear….in all of our ears. 104 more words


Look up the dictionary definition of rant and this is what you find:

“speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way.”

The following words are synonyms: outburst, bombast, tirade, rage, bluster, histrionics. 844 more words

Culann's Hound 26: Forsworn

Cúchulainn was a man of many names. His parents called him Sétanta, “the one who knows his way.” The king and courtiers at Emain Macha called him Cúchulainn, “Culann’s Hound,” after the blacksmith’s guard dog he killed while still a young boy. 1,559 more words


Thank You - Charlene/Lorna Evol

It has taken me a great while to find the peace to say the words that I knew I needed to. Many long dark nights and cold days have brought me to this place to speak to you. 326 more words