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A Warrior Practices Self-Discipline

Very few personal qualities contribute to a person’s success and happiness like the quality of self-discipline.  Sticking to my guns with this nutritionarian lifestyle takes self-discipline. 545 more words


Finding the Conchinators…

They’re not easy to find and, in fact, I feel they found me; a newbie at the beach with one friend/colleague who invited me to that first auspicious luncheon some two years ago. 215 more words

Warrior Women

A Warrior - Setback = Comeback

Today’s post will be a short one…

A Warrior understands that all good things comes with struggle… with work.

A life of ease produces nothing more than idle minds, unrealistic expectations, heartache, and even despair. 38 more words

Weight Loss

Welcome to Conchinators!

To find the perfect conch you have to dive deep into the ocean unless you’re lucky enough to find a perfect specimen lying in the glistening sand, or just beneath the surface of the water. 279 more words

Warrior Women

A Warrior Forgives

A Warrior forgives.

Many believe that forgiveness is a sign of weakness.  Anyone who has truly forgive knows that is wrong.  Forgiveness takes great courage and strength.   400 more words


Be the Storm!

A Warrior is the STORM!

You are in control of your destiny.  YOU CHOOSE!

Be the storm that carries your will, not the person caught in the storm. 78 more words


Statuary, #takeaknee, and Warrior Women: a Classical Intersection?

This is one of those blog posts that I felt compelled to write primarily because it brings assorted conversations from social media — Classical and otherwise — together in what strikes me as a very interesting way. 975 more words