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Dahomey Women: Amazonian of West Africa


For the better part of 200 years, thousands of female soldiers fought and died to expand the borders of their West African kingdom. Even their conquerors, the French, acknowledged their “prodigious bravery.”

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Ancient History And Modern History

A Welsh Warrior Woman

In the first third of the 12th century, Britain was thrown into civil war when the daughter and nephew of the late king Henry I fought for the throne. 632 more words

"My beloved, my wife, My Mighty One...."

I really don’t think I can ever adequately express how much Rivka and Isaac mean to me. They’re not just the goofy background straight couple or feminist warrior points. 99 more words

Female Gladiators

“The same year witnessed shows of gladiators as magnificent as those of the past. Many ladies of distinction, however, and senators, disgraced themselves by appearing in the amphitheater.” –  752 more words