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Vikings Charge

Ship wrecked against the pearly shore of the foreign island. Trees were dancing, full of wind that shook their voluminous crowns, absent life, right there on the stone ridge where our flags flapper proudly. 369 more words


Inspirational Quotes (1)

Hello there!

Today I’m bringing you a few of my favourite quotes. I thought I’d share some inspiration and everything. I had an assignment to finish today so I didn’t get to write enough of the next chapter of Luna Tide for you all, so instead there is this. 147 more words

When Stones Hit You

He is the first one among the seven. The 11 apostles and Matthias appointed him to take good care of the widows. That man is full of the Spirit, faith and power. 1,158 more words


Sometimes a Dark Goddess


Sometimes a dark goddess raises in your heart,

And your lavender fields turn poppy red.

And she asks you to take your sword, that sword yield… 326 more words


Who am I?

I felt that when I made this page I would not get any followers but I’d begin to make sense of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and how I can fit that into my life as well as going to college and maintaining friendships and family relations. 187 more words

I am alive

I haven’t posted for a while. And while I apologize I have some excellent news. I am no longer in my splint and I don’t have to do physical therapy for my wrist as having EDS has given me my whole range of motion back already. 297 more words