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It Could Be Worse

Has anyone ever had the NERVE to say to you, “it could be worse”?! Well, that has happened to me more times than I can count! 263 more words


The Art of the Scholarly Warrior

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Idleness kills. Overpreparation can quickly become counterproductive. You can read copious amounts of information but if you never enact the philosophies you learn you only set yourself in the same situation if not further back. 838 more words


To the Last

Author’s note: This is another post in my collection of micro fiction. I write these pieces to remind myself that I really need to work on my dialogue skills…

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Day's 18/19: Chronic illness ≠ better person/a chronic future.

Hello again lovelies. Thanks for stopping by again. I apologize for no post yesterday. It was a combination of forgetting (of course, gotta love brain fog), and not having enough spoons when I did remember. 622 more words

Quads, quads, quads!

You know you’ve had a good week when you literally have ‘Oh my quads’ on ur brain all day! Ouch!
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...Deficient Whole...

There is certain invisibility.
Black hole inside the scarlet frond,
Without some habituated things.
Your shadow had been a bit missing
But still there is light, shimmering. 54 more words


Gods On The Scarp

+++Lissy had been forced to bed early in the night; and it was a hot night too, brimming with crickets and frogs. She was humidly frustrated — more so because, through a rotted hole, she could see Rerf’s bristly mane lighted by the fire. 2,839 more words