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Westy West Apk v0.95 Mod (Unlocked)

Westy West Apk v0.95 Mod (Unlocked) Is Action Game . Download Westy West Apk Mod From Mod Apk With Direct Link .
Rule the Old West combating the outlaws as a sheriff, cowboy, native warrior or whoever you wanna be in this awesome action game! 16 more words


Best iPad App to Try: Rocket Warrior

#iOS #App #Apple Best iPad App to Try: Rocket Warrior Rocket Warrior is a vertically scrolling 2d action arcade game. Grab turbo boosts, shoot down enemies, avoid deadly traps, transform into a ball, find secret paths and more Story: It is the year 2456 War is raging between humans and the alien invaders [ ] The post Best iPad App to Try: Rocket Warrior appeared first on AppsTrend.

Divinely Assured & Assertive

Today I am reminded of The Source of I coming, who I am, where I am, what I have access to, and how those facts alone are the fuel for ivehicle to press on towards The Light. 6 more words


Roman Imperial Officer

This portrait is of a high-ranking military officer from the Roman Empire. I drew it after reading an article about the recent discovery of skeletal remains from Roman-era Leicester in the UK, six of which display what appear to be African physical features. 35 more words


Strength in Character

Fiona Gallagher, a character from the Showtime series ‘Shameless’, is not someone you would typically see as a hero. She was raised in south side Chicago by a manic-depressive bipolar mom, and a alcoholic father. 147 more words

The Boy of Great Strength

In my previous post, I mention how a warrior is not always the stereotypical strong man we imagine it to be. We are all warriors if you just believe in yourself. 202 more words

Testimony Tuesday

A Tale of Two Pairs of Jeans

I happen to have the day off.  The house is quiet. The rain is drizzling.  The hot coffee has been poured. 776 more words