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The Chariot

The Chariot

Ruled by Cancer (cardinal water) is a card of movement. That can be literal, like going on a trip (especially a road trip) or moving to a different place especially if the move is for work. 325 more words


Entry 6

Enter 4th year Tristan Calhoun


I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Like lightening hitting my body; my opponent crossed my straight; he twisted his arm over my jab and hit me square in the face. 219 more words

Entry 5

Enter 4th year Franca Blaire

          “I ah…I’m not Ms. Daniels…” I told her that I’m just substituting Ms. Daniels and that I’ve been asked to issue the registration test instead. 343 more words

Entry 4

Enter 4th year Jasper Darrows

I really hate doing other people’s jobs. Especially when I’m not getting paid for it, I mean shit, its Daniels job to test these newbies. 531 more words

Entry 3

Enter 4th year Tristan Calhoun

          Now I won’t lie to you, being a Fighter is tough. A lot of people envy Fighters because they get government grants big enough to live off of. 439 more words

Entry 2

Enter 4th year Franca Blaire

          I’m told that your graduating year of high school is often filled with some of the most diverse feelings. That both the fun and excitement of being at the top of the dog pile mixed with the anxiety and tension of moving from the known and out into the unknown is a defining point in many peoples character. 923 more words

Entry 1

Enter 1st year Genesis Hawkins

I’m not particularly fond of speaking. I don’t really know how or when that started. As a child, I was insatiable; I spoke at any given opportunity, offered or otherwise. 617 more words