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Thank you and Goodbye

No. Not to this blog or to me, although seeing as my last post was in April, I suppose it’s fair to think that this is really goodbye. 1,098 more words


Report: Warriors sign JaVale McGee to make-good training camp contract

JaVale McGee is getting another shot in the NBA.

He played just 34 games off the bench for Dallas last season. He played 23 games the season before that due to injury. 171 more words


Hollyleaf evil or not?

Some people thinks that hollyleaf was evil for killing ashfur and wanting her to go to the darkforest, but I think Hollyleaf was never evil, just lost and confused. 300 more words


NBA Offseason Winners & Losers

Chicago– This offseason was expected to be very uneventful. Boy were we wrong! What at first seemed like a weak pool of free agents, suddenly became one of the most memorable offseasons of recent years. 1,026 more words

WATCH: Westbrook Laughs When Asked How He Feels About Durant

By Ryan Mayer

As you’ve likely heard by now, the basketball world outside of the Bay Area isn’t exactly happy with Kevin Durant’s decision to join forces with the Golden State Warriors. 189 more words


Yellowfang's secret

Yellowfang’s secret is a heart wenchin tail. Get it because they have tails? Yellowfang falls in love with Raggedstar but is then giveing the terrible news that of she becomes the deputy the clan will burn. 145 more words

The new prophecy part 2

Mothwing. I like her charater and I don’t mind the fact she doesn’t belive in starclan but I hate the fact she is a medicine cat and doesn’t believe in starclan. 161 more words