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Australia Supplies Uranium in Support of India-Pakistan Nuclear Arms Race

Australia-India U-Deal, Australia Sells Uranium to India

By John Hallam

The India-Australia uranium deal, whereby Australia agrees to sell uranium to India in spite of India’s not being a signatory of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, and in spite of the fact that a vigorous nuclear arms race is in progress on the subcontinent, beggars belief for anyone who has been involved for decades as I have, in questions of nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament, and nuclear safety. 220 more words


Star Wars - Only Imperial Storm Troopers are so precise

More Star Wars fun facts!

The Jawa language is based on a sped-up version of the Zulu language.

The language Greedo speaks is a South American language called Quechua. 65 more words

Studio 300

The inhumane humanity

Just literally sat down after doing my normal Saturday routine – work and housework – to start one of my essays. I chose a topic for my Food Chain & Sustainability module essay – How to shift towards a sustainable diet in context of environment, globalisation, economy and dietary preferences. 432 more words