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Five For Friday: Costs of War.

This week, Five For Friday presents five charts and graphics concerning wars in Afganistan, Iraq and Pakistan. These exist thanks to the Costs of War… 550 more words


Remembering on Memorial Day

As someone who was rejected by all four major branches of the military in one form or another, I don’t have much authority to preach on about the sacrifices made by our armed services. 612 more words

Notes From A Polite New Yorker

4 Facts about the new Star Wars!

Dear Geeks, Εκάθουμουν μια καλήν ημέραν στο Laptop μου (ναι πάνω του..) τζαί τζιαμέ γίνεται η μοιραία συνάντηση… 66 more words


Ten's Story-Episode 6 

I quickly changed into the crisp uniform that was neatly folded on the nightstand. The clone fatigues fit perfectly and the shoes were so shiny that I could see myself in them. 469 more words


Reaching For Your Piece Of Light

Each day we look to find a way, a way to climb closer to the top, we go through battles, we fight through wars, our patience tested, our heads ready to pop, 103 more words

Simple Views Of Existing

Ten's Story-Episode 5

Blurs of light. Am I alive? I suddenly wake up and I’m in a bacta tank. I struggle to keep consciousness as I look around, the last thing I vaugly remember not being able to see out of my left eye before I was drowned in unconsciousness. 425 more words


Happy 40th Anniversary, ILM

Forty years ago this month, George Lucas founded Industrial Light & Magic (ILM for short). Lucas founded the company so then he could create the special effects for his “little space opera thing” then known as The Star Wars. 90 more words