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GND - War results against 228CLASHERS

This was another tough loss for us as it came down to the last hour again.  We leave the war holding our heads up high and ready for our next opponent.  10 more words


It's Worse Than We Thought

One of my favorite, slightly over-the-top sayings is, “Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get me.” I admit to being cynical to a degree, and wary of what I hear and read until I’ve figured out the hidden agenda. 147 more words


Just My Imagination Once Again

Most of the arguments I have had in my life occur in my mind. Most of the battles I have waged, even between me and other people, have occurred not in real life but in the crevasses of my mind and the very vivid imagination God “blessed” me with. 187 more words


You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.

GND war begins at 7:45pm EST

GND members!

War begins at 6:30pm EST against 228CLASHERS!  Get your troops ready.

Good luck, clash on, and god bless!


Custom Collectors

One aspect of collecting action figures that has always interested me is how diverse a person’s focus can be. It’s not surprising to see someone who only purchases Marvel figures, or perhaps only buys figures of a specific character. 335 more words


GND2 - War results against "the evils"

This was our first war since our explosion of new members in the clan.  We came out VICTORIOUS with a commanding +62 star difference!  Great work GND2 and to all the new members who participated in the war.   28 more words