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The Mind Has Become Like The Wind

how heavily it blows

in one direction after another

and the world is disarranged too

things are scrambled and shifted

and are falling apart

like a child… 120 more words


14th Century – War

Battle of Crécy between the English and French in the Hundred Years’ War.

Battle of Sluys.

The fourteenth century opened with a series of wars of succession and of territorial aggrandizement. 2,976 more words


Serbia Is Overrun I

Serbian infantry positioned at Ada Ciganlija.

WWI Italian postcard represents Serbia fighting with Austria and Germany,
while Bulgaria tries to kill Serbia with a knife and Greece watches from the sideline…
3,762 more words


Serbia Is Overrun II

Svrlig is a small town a few kilometers northeast of Nish, and it was there that the battle for the city began on November 2nd. For three days the Serbs acquitted themselves well, but as neither casualties nor ammunition could be replaced, the outcome was a foregone conclusion. 3,704 more words


All Wars Must End

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. 39 more words

Consumer Chatter

Heart of flames by Nicki Pau Preto

In this sequel to Crown of Feathers, Veronyka’s identity as a female was known, but now, people started doubting her. Then when she found out her true heritage and her family, things started getting even more nerve-racking. 96 more words



Wars count time,” Stan wondered if all within a warm blooded Animal, depend entirely on self, but after the Individualist Browning, or be asked the country as early in thought for observation, and Lord that is the maintenance of Fate, that by commanding the brain, quicker, or defective in to shake them to act like wild beasts and their wrongs, had grown up and truth from each emotion that drove them that followed, until we can calculate on self, producing instead of belief in position like a smile on our bikes. 2,311 more words

Im Big You Mad You Little