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Venator re-do

Heya people,

I’m back. Over the past few weeks I have been busy selling all my Warhammer models, boards and miscelania, which now is all gone except for the Primarchs and my Titans (which I spent way too much time and effort in to get rid of and they’re the coolest models I own and painted). 537 more words

The User Interfaces in Rogue One Are Gorgeous. Here They Are in High Res

(Source: www.wired.com)

When Andrew Booth began designing user interfaces for feature films 15 years ago, the field was still in its infancy. For a given film, the visual effects team might handle one part of the UI design, the art department another. 424 more words


The Heart Knows... Or Does It?

“Follow your heart,” they say.

Right now I am wondering if I even have one. My head says, “Oh, it’ll be fine. Just give him time.” Is time really going to fix this mess? 146 more words

Do Not Give Up!

Harrison Ford’s injury on Star Wars set costs production company $2M

Foodles Production, a company owned by Disney, was fined £1.6 million due to an incident that happened on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens . 54 more words

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Child Soldier

When you hear about war, normally it is something that happened in a far away land, or even if it happens to have happened at a place that is not so far away, it still remains just something that is heard of. 590 more words




Right now there is not much love going towards the Russians.

This is no surprise, since the Russians do not love us very much either. 169 more words