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The Voices of Dead Children.

Irena Sendler took my mother out of the Warsaw ghetto in a van, hidden in a sack under the bodies of dead children. Her parents knew that escaping with Sendler was a narrow chance, but that if she stayed with them she would most assuredly die of starvation, dysentery, typhoid. 340 more words

Story of Irena Sendler and children from Warsaw ghetto

In the year 2007, when Al Gore won the Nobel peace prize, one another person who was nominated for the same was this 97 year old woman Irena Sendler who had risked her life to save lives of thousands of children during the Nazi regime. 917 more words


Review of Jim Shepard's moving The Book of Aron

Everything in Aron’s life is about making do. A young Jewish boy growing up within the ever tightening noose that had been placed around the… 388 more words



We know about Oskar Schindler, the brave German industrialist who saved Jews under the cruel gaze of Nazism by hiring them in his factory, but many people are unaware of the “female Schindler”, Irena Sendler. 180 more words


Jack Eisner: Warsaw Ghetto Fighter, Holocaust Survivor, Author

By Beth Sarafraz…

In the penthouse of millionaire manufacturer Jack Eisner was an objet d’art, certainly not placed there at the suggestion of an interior designer.  4,331 more words


Pol Pot and Hitler – The Fools Who Shape History

Three decades and five thousand miles separate two photographs.

The first shows a city in ruins. In the foreground, amidst the rubble, the outlines of what once were buildings are clearly discernible. 2,342 more words