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Schikker Wi Lot - Ganovim-Lider Live In Weimar

A passionate but unsentimental tribute to a source that should never have receded into mere folk memory. The Ganovim-Lider was first published in 1928, collected by Shmuel Lehman, the eminent and courageous Jewish folklorist.  340 more words

Jewish Studies Lecture Series: 'In Adorno’s Blind Spot: Yiddish Poetry from the Warsaw Ghetto'

~ Reprinted from FresnoStateNews.com

The Jewish Studies Lecture Series for the fall semester begins with a talk by Sven-Erik Rose, titled “In Adorno’s Blind Spot: Yiddish Poetry from the Warsaw Ghetto,” at  194 more words


Book review: Irena’s children, young reader’s edition, by Tilar J. Mazzeo, adapted by Mary Cronk Farrell

Farrell, Mary Cronk. Irena’s children: A True Story of Courage. Adapted from the work written by Tilar J. Mazzeo. Young reader’s edition. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2016. 138 more words

Book Reviews

It's the beauty that killed the beast:The bravery of Franceska Mann.

Franceska Mann   (February 4, 1917 – October 23, 1943)

Franciszka Mann was a young dancer residing in Warsaw before the Second World War. She studied dance in the dance school of Irena Prusicka. 373 more words


The Nazis' most loyal Jew: Chaim Rumkowski

During the last few days we’ve been examining the supremely sobering topic of the Jewish ghettos in Poland during the Nazi occupation. We’ve seen how Chaim Rumkowski, installed by the Nazis as head of the ghetto in Lodz, pursued a policy of wholehearted collaboration. 534 more words


The notorious Chaim Rumkowski

Yesterday we took a brief look at the Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Warsaw and at Adam Czerniaków, the Jewish politician appointed by the Nazis to run it. 504 more words


Collaborating in Warsaw

When the Nazis rolled into Poland in September 1939, starting World War II, they quickly crushed the Polish Army, occupied the cities, subdued the population, and eliminated politicians and intellectuals. 590 more words