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We have a Committee meeting at which several representative Jews tell us of the extermination of their fellows by the Nazis. They have ringed off the Warsaw ghetto and transported two-thirds of the inhabitants in cattle-trucks to die in Russia.

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Irena Sendler

“The opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference.”  Elie Wiesel

The children called me Jolanta.  My real name is Irena – Irena Sendler.  I was born in 1910 in a small town to the southeast of Warsaw.  521 more words


Warsaw Ghetto-Hell on earth

Most people know the stories of the concentration camps and death camps,and they even may know about the ghettos.

However what most people do not realize is the amount of ghettos created by the Nazis during WWII. 508 more words


“. . . Do you remember your panic―at the reign of death . . .” (Samih al-Qasim)

❶ Intelligence thwarts plans of land sale to Israel
❷ Premier briefs Norway’s foreign minister on latest political developments
❸ Impoverished Gaza’s economy on verge of total collapse… 1,268 more words


Irena Sendlar, Holocaust Heroine, Eclipsed Schindler's List

Many acts of courage  and decency took place during the WWII Holocaust by brave and compassionate people. Irena Sendlar was one of its greatest heroes. Unknown by most, this courageous Polish woman defied the Nazis and managed to smuggle… 1,647 more words

Forgotten History

Schikker Wi Lot - Ganovim-Lider Live In Weimar

A passionate but unsentimental tribute to a source that should never have receded into mere folk memory. The Ganovim-Lider was first published in 1928, collected by Shmuel Lehman, the eminent and courageous Jewish folklorist.  340 more words

Jewish Studies Lecture Series: 'In Adorno’s Blind Spot: Yiddish Poetry from the Warsaw Ghetto'

~ Reprinted from FresnoStateNews.com

The Jewish Studies Lecture Series for the fall semester begins with a talk by Sven-Erik Rose, titled “In Adorno’s Blind Spot: Yiddish Poetry from the Warsaw Ghetto,” at  194 more words