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ANZAC Poems by Leon Gellert


At every cost,’ they said, β€˜it must be done.’

They told us in the early afternoon.

We sit and wait the coming of the sun… 347 more words


Simpson and his donkey.

“Despite the fear the men mostly took everything that was thrown at them. I saw some brave things at Gallipoli. One thing that made a big impression on us was the actions of a man we called ‘The Man with a Donkey’. 143 more words


The froideur before the storm, in Storm Jameson's Hidden River

Continuing my reprints of old podcast scripts, this one is from the Appalling Women series, about a Storm Jameson novel from 1955. The Hidden River… 1,288 more words


Agriculture and Food Controls

We often speak about food but we forget the agriculture aspect. Of course, the social changes caused by food are important but for this blog post, we will be concentrating on the changes of agriculture in Canada and the food controls put in place by the government during the Second World War. 760 more words

"Government approved" bread and vitamin B

Through my research, I stumbled upon the mention of “government approved” bread. Newspapers, books, magazines (Chatelaine), recipe booklets and many other form of information, always talked about this “special” bread but no one actually explain why it was government approved and what made it earn this seal of approval. 729 more words