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Papakura’s 1940 Influenza Epidemic

By Terry Carson

Later this year we will be remembering the 100th anniversary of the dreadful 1918 Influenza pandemic that swept most of the world killing an estimated 20-50 million people. 971 more words



The sweet nectar dribbled down her chin. It was the first watermelon of the season. Her fingers were sticky as she grabbed up another piece from the plate and brought it to her mouth. 501 more words


wish I had a river

The headwaters of the Imjin are in what’s now North Korea; the river flows south, crossing the border that wasn’t yet there 65 years ago. In the early 1950s, Canadians were at war nearby, of course, and when the winter came, and the river froze, what else were they going to do but play hockey? 52 more words


Think of England, Vault Festival

There is a good piece hidden within Think of England, but to find it, it will need a very judicious edit.

The performance I saw was supposed to run for 90 minutes but overran by 25. 289 more words


Before the 1914 war passports didn’t exist. You had to have one for Russia or Turkey, otherwise you went where you liked provided you had the money.

72 more words
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