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Day 113 - 23rd April - Lining Up to be Outside

There have been a number of sunny days recently but due to one thing or another today is the first day that I have been able to realistically get the washing dried by putting on a washing line rather than a clothes horse inside.  66 more words


Garden Things

I got a bit bored one day so I took the camera into the garden to see what I could get. I didn’t expect much, it was a grey day and the garden isn’t very big, but here’s what I got!

Black & White

Peek: Biggish smalls


On a recent trip to Lisbon, Portugal, we walked down a side street and spotted this interesting washing line, dangling above a restaurant sign. I wasn’t aware of the shadows until I downloaded the photo and how the shadows of the garments draw in the eye, to the original articles. 13 more words

Week 11: Photos and examples.

  1. Automatic Keys: This is one thing that, with improvement of design technology has made life so much easier. Pictured are my manual unlocking car keys which can only unlock one door at a time, and require more kinetic (physical) load to use.
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Getting Things Done

This is a funny title for a stormy patch. The last few days, we’ve had rain, hail and howling winds and some of us may have gotten a little stir-crazy, but we got some stuff done! 886 more words