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I’m feeling very virtuous because I have finished all the ironing – there is not a single piece of laundry left un-ironed! We have had a lovely couple of days which meant mountains of washing to take advantage of the sunshine, and as a result, of course, mountains of ironing. 312 more words

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Designer Indoor Washing Line: Say Good Bye to your Tumble Dryer

Drying your clothes with tumble dryers fast becoming a thing of the past as house & apartment owners are making a change for the better, not only environmentally but financially as the embrace using the designer line to hang their laundry outdoors and more so indoors. 539 more words


Bunting: Birds, Flags and Sleeping Bags

According to Wikipedia (first port of call after Google and before phoning my dad) the word ‘bunting’ comes from a type of cloth called ‘bunt’, used to make the kind of flags that ships use for signalling. 488 more words


Images of Hawke's Bay

Freedom campers on Marine Parade, Napier
A 5x-weekly¬†photograph from around Hawke’s Bay :-)

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Hawke's Bay

Clotheslines: Your Alternative Companion for Hanging Clothes

Closed cabinets and wall shelves are old concepts for hanging and keeping the clothes. Recently, a new designer clothesline has been launch and is being embraced in the homes around the world. 479 more words