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End of Sept

Got to go see Nicole last Friday!  It was nice and relaxing, and I got to cuddle with all the animals… even got to pet Pabu, their little cat who is scared of everyone, due to being originally a stray.   327 more words

Bid Adieu to your Laundry Woes

My hands were hoarse and their skin was peeling off like I had some sort of skin eczema. But I didn’t. All I did was wash a pile of clothes day in and day out. 528 more words

Washing Machines

Why buy a brand new LED TV if you Rent it at a bargain!

To those of us who are always moving from place to place, buying a TV set or a refrigerator is rather impractical. Transporting these cumbersome items. 387 more words

The joy of a working washing machine

Last weekend was uneventful, but that is probably the most relaxing way it could have been.  Both Mike and I have had a couple of busy weeks at work. 1,620 more words

Life In Seattle

Collecting all the water from our roof.

There was a drought nine years ago when we moved into our house and one of the first things we did was install a water tank to collect the rain off the roof. 417 more words