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5 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Purchasing A Washer and Dryer

The convenience of simply walking down the hall to the laundry room and placing a load of dirty clothes to wash while carrying on with your lazy Sunday, is a luxury not to be underestimated. 379 more words

Week 33: you take the good...

There are quite a few things going well in the house right now so I decided to post afterall.  The first is that we actually have a working dishwasher and it’s better than I knew it would be.   383 more words


Grey Day Dyed Tops, 7 for £5.36!

I’ve been skipping around all happy this week because, as Micky Flanagan would say, “I’ve got a new top!”.

I have seven new tops! All because I dyed them grey. 336 more words


After doing landry, people in Japan hang them up outside and when it’s sunny, they get dry perfectly but it’s not, they irritate us. Recent washing machine with a build-in dryer is good but it can’t get them dry enough. 41 more words


A Swift & Ballwinder, No Washing Machine Day

So, I mentioned that I started winding my gift yarn yesterday. There was a LOT to wind–beautiful light fingering-weight alpaca yarn that Lucy brought from Bolivia. 253 more words



Dishwashers have helped to save our time and energy largely. Today, most were looking for washers are mechanical devices in modern society among all… 539 more words