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Do not touch a students pile of dishes

“Anna shall I wash yours up too?” Kim bellowed from the kitchen.

“My what?” Anna screamed back.

“I’m doing the dishes!” Kim heard a large thud as if her flatmate had fallen out of her bed still wrapped in her duvet, then, a rustling as she belted it down the stairs. 86 more words

Short Stories

My Evening F20170714

Desperately tired.

6-7 Reading and blogging
7-8 Eating and washing up
8-9 Sulking and moping around
9-10 Mooching and watching a movie
10-11 Watching a movie and eating snacks… 46 more words


How I Wash Up.

Mundane Post to start, But alas, I wasn’t sure what else to start on haha.

So the way I currently wash up, is the way my Nan has washed up since day one. 406 more words


Washing-up liquid

I sometimes find myself puzzling about very ordinary, day-to-day things… I was talking to a writer friend today and we talked were rambling on about stuff, and we got to reminisce about childhood, and the sort of ordinary household activities we watched (and helped, I hope) our parents do. 576 more words

Bits And Pieces

Dish Glove Wear and Tear

Stop the presses: While washing up after lunch, I tore my left dish glove. The left one. I am right-hand dominant (I’m ambidextrous for a right-hander, but I’m right-handed) and throughout two years of handwashing dishes in Italy, every single pair of dish gloves I’ve replaced, it’s been because of a rip in the right hand. 79 more words