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Penniless Homewrecking Drunk

I am one week back into work and the mid week hangover count is already at 2, I’ve had 2 offers to be a homewrecker and I’ve already threatened to quit my job. 944 more words


How to Hand Wash Clothes

AKA I’m broke and can’t afford the university laundry room/it’s the end of the month and waiting for pay is hard/why do washing machines cost so much money?????? 908 more words


Min-Ji Cho: The Gloves Dream

“Min-Ji Cho aims to explore the meaning of real material value in the aesthetics of today. She investigates contemporary notions of preciousness, by exploring and using materials that represent the extremes of precious and non-precious.”http://www.minjicho.com/


Washing up bowls

For some reason I seem to write a lot of posts about domestic tasks and chores… which is strange since I actually don’t do many… I really hate housework, and although I do it, it’s always an effort. 371 more words

Bits And Pieces

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Sad little broken bits of empire are washing up at neap tide on a coastline, beaching off the winter’s low-lying fits of rainstorms and depression with a scarcely sounded sigh – to’ve given up can bring such pleasure, to let relax as you have never – it’s a wonder that the universe’s energy provides enough momentum for a new thing – here’s a jewel popped from a ring that’s polished smooth and opaque. 43 more words


Re-use and recipes

Keen to get going on my new adventure, I took the exciting step of experimenting with home-made washing-up liquid.  Don’t tell me I don’t know how to live on a Thursday night. 387 more words


Belfast Sink

I smoked some grave ass

Damaged the thick glass

Of my cartoon eye lash

So did Gunter Grass

He was good, dontya thinks?

knifing slivery eelsguts

in a Kitchen Sink