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'I voted for you!'

Still reeling from the interesting night time visit from Hava the impaler, I was feeling evermore uneasy in the house. Still, chatting to my housemates over her bizarre antics was a bonding experience, as a common enemy so often is. 1,219 more words


#todaysconclusions 16/03/15

I daydream a lot more in my older age. More so than I did as a child.

Washing up use’s 90% of my day dreaming schedule per day. 38 more words


Katchen Helper

Daddy’s been way this week so I thought I’d help mummy with the washing up by licking all the pans clean for her. I don’t know why she make’s such a big deal about washing up, and moans to daddy about doing it, as I found it delicious!



In praise of washing up: 'T'ai Chi' or 'Faire la vaiselle'

I like doing the dishes by hand, and I experience the whole ritual of manual washing and drying as therapeutic.  But I have often been challenged and teased about my preference. 309 more words

Hello world!

I am a mum of three who is looking to add depth to a life of housework by stepping out the back door and spending more time in the garden. 50 more words

Project 3 Exercise (iv)

Self-absented portraiture

Question: Do you regard them [‘Washing-up’ by Nigel Shafran] as interesting ‘still life’ compositions?

Yes, there is much of interest in the series. For example the group of six images (see figs. 596 more words

Part Three Putting Yourself In The Picture

Project 3 Exercise (iii)

Self-absented portraiture

Question: What does this series [‘Washing-up’ by Nigel Shafranachieve by not including people?

In a recently published compendium of photography (Durden, 2014) the sub-categories of the chapter entitled ‘Self: Looking In and Acting Out’, include ‘Personal Disclosure’, ‘Theatres of the Self’ and ‘The Everyday’. 632 more words

Part Three Putting Yourself In The Picture