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Day 351: A Moment during Washing Up

Day 351: A moment during Washing Up

Though my mind tells me there’s nothing to write about today, yet I am anyway kind of writing my way in here, while at the same time writing me out, yes, and out also of this blank layer: there was something that I realised while doing the washing up, which I usually enjoy, having got my hands into hot water, and what I realised was to do with an energy that came up in me while I was handling a soapy plate, and the energy that had come up in me was clearly an impatience. 694 more words

The plate before loading...


Why is washing up one of those things people hate to do, when they still need clean plates to eat from?  When sharing a flat or a house you can bet if there is a disagreement it is going to be over the filthy plates in the sink.   37 more words

Just use less: reducing packaging waste when washing up

I’ve found that the easiest way to reduce packaging waste is to use less of the products that I regularly use. I don’t always need to use soap: for a plate with just a few crumbs, I can rinse or wipe it with cold water – money saved & fewer chemicals in the water system, too! 101 more words


Supper For Eight

I am never quite sure just how it happens that you do for a supper for just eight people and it is not fancy, so no implements for removing lobster flesh for example, but by the end of the evening they have created enough dirty plates and glasses to generously coat every flat surface in the kitchen. 704 more words

Kitchen Sink Drama

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Today’s offering is a little bit of fun I have tried to write in a northern English accent. I hope it works. 130 more words

Creative Writing

Five ways to speed up the washing up!

If you don’t have a dishwasher or a helpful other half, there’s no reason why the washing-up should be a time consuming chore! Need to go old skool? 149 more words


Washing Up

“Stay right where you are. After I take a picture, I am going to hose you both off!”

I am so glad I took this picture over 30 years ago. 469 more words