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Wash and brush-up

I had intended to write a little more in ‘Plastic-free July’ about reducing the amount of ‘short-term’ plastic in our house, but somehow the month got away with me and here we are on the 27th already! 592 more words

Reducing Consumption

Cafe Style Muffin Wraps

Hey you know those muffins you buy in cafes, how they have that little paper skirt on that is easy to lift away from the muffin? 88 more words


Product Review: Ecover Washing Up Liquid ★★★★★

As it’s probably one of my least favourite jobs in the world, I avoid thinking about washing dishes as much as possible, so never really stopped to consider the environmental impact that my daily chore was having. 237 more words


Sorry we're late...

Like many cooks, our son is only happy when he has used every pot, pan and utensil in the kitchen. We call it the ‘Jamie Oliver syndrome’! 15 more words


The Muffin Tin

I loathe cleaning muffin tins. So unless there are little paper cups, I opt to make a loaf instead. I figure it tastes the same and though cleaning a knife each time I want to eat some of it cane be a bit of bother, it’s less annoying than trying to clean the muffin pan. 1,030 more words