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May 19 (Day 139 of 365)

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

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IPhone Project 365

Chicken Wraps recipe

Hi guys,
Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately, it’s exam season and I’ve been practicing for my final recital (which was today!)

Last night I tried out a recipe I found on Pinterest, with a little twist of my own. 235 more words


Worth the salt

I’ve still got most of the kilo of salt I bought for 25p a month back for the challenge (this is not a surprise when you think about it, I would probably be dead if I’d eaten that much salt in so short a time period!). 390 more words

Fukushima = Pacific Genocide: Billions of creatures dead along West Coast — “Literally covering all of Oregon coast”, Washing up from California to Alaska — Expert: Death totals are staggering, “it’s got to be BILLIONS”

Source: ENEnews

National Geographic, Apr 20, 2015 (emphasis added): Billions of Blue Jellyfish Wash Up on American Beaches… In recent weeks, about a billion jellyfish-like “purple sailors” have washed up on West Coast beaches… The jellies started washing up on Oregon and Washington State beaches four to six weeks ago… Then they started showing up in California… … 393 more words


Travel Mug smells

With an expanding world relying on transport, travel mugs are getting more and more popular to carry drinks in. I personally have a few myself, and after one or two drinks in them, they start to stink, especially the plastic ones! 167 more words


Washing Up.

Ah washing up. The least favourite household chore of many. But not me.

There’s a special place of resentment in my soul for vacuuming, but doing the dishes was always fine with me. 375 more words