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Im an Idiot 16/09/15 00:29

So i wrote that one snippet saying how i was going to write everyday. How wrong i was, I forgot my login details because i am a giant idiot. 274 more words


The Humans Are Finally Forgiven

Good evening friends! After weeks of silence and seething anger towards the humans, our dissolvable stitches are almost gone and we have decided to forgive them and to begin writing again. 269 more words


DAY 28- Crack the washing up

As well as the laundry, the washing up is a bane of my existence. It’s just always there and always being generated. I have a tiny kitchen so the minimal work top gets cluttered up with dirty dishes quickly. 270 more words


Pounding hearts

Heart pounding in chest, adrenalin pumping & feeling alive, proactive and well, uh I dunno…..
Hand and foot moaning exhausted, socks pulled up. Life goes on, lets keep it in perspective. 984 more words

Glorious Grub

Best and Worst Household Chores

Good afternoon everyone. I have just finished doing a mountain of ironing. This is a task I hate. It got me thinking of the different household tasks I do and which ones I like and dislike. 351 more words



My daughter when she was a lot lot younger, washing up, more fun with the bubbles than the actual washing up.


Man mountaineering...

Steve has managed to turn stacking plates into an art form. When we stop for lunch, he sometimes spends so long arranging the crockery back onto the tray, that it looks like a piece of modern sculpture!