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I Hear You

Washing up alone

Scraping off dry pizza cheese

I hear you humming 7 more words


How to clean non-stick pans

Managed to burn the bottom of your non-stick pot or pan? Here’s how to clean it without ruining the surface.

  • Mix a cup of water and two tablespoons of bicarbonate soda and tip into the affected cookware.
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General Cleaning


The never-ending chore.

Washing up is so tedious. Especially with a tiny hot water tank, so that washing up in the evening requires boiling the kettle. 59 more words

First Milestone Of 1992


I reached my half century in July 1992.

The first celebration, for a group of friends based in London, took place in Michael and Heidi’s garden at Tanfield Road in Croydon. 167 more words

The Weekend Begins

After much thought and deliberation last night – you know – a few seconds worth – I have decided to stop writing draft blog posts in a text editor and storing them in a ridiculous obsessive compulsive storage system. 424 more words


A week in the life of me #4

Morning, afternoon and evening, taking in to account bloggers all around the world. So no real challenges this week pretty plain sailing! Holiday from work has been tip top, get to put all my focus on my family and passions like washing up, ha-ha. 240 more words


Coffee and Toes

Do you ever get tired from drinking coffee? Because I do!! Now today I’ve been especially tired, I had to go for long rest in the early afternoon. 321 more words