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The washing up

I decided my overall goal is to feel beautiful and have a beautiful home. After breaking this goal down into smaller, more manageable tasks, the first thing I did was tackle the  296 more words

Mummy meltdown 1

Mummy meltdown

Biff is shouting ‘NO!’ at her fish fingers. Apparently I have made the wrong meal, it’s not chicken.

Who put that chair there? Why does nobody else keep cracking their elbow on it as they walk past. 165 more words

Just another job to do...

Recently our dishwasher broke. Just out of the blue, it decided it had washed enough plastic Ikea plates and Tommee Tippee beakers and was done with been stacked wrongly. 755 more words

Dishwasher Blues

The dishwasher needs emptying again. And again it feels like it always needs emptying. Least when you expect it, it beeps, saying feed me by emptying me and refilling me again so I can wash and beep and be emptied, refilled,wash and beep. 59 more words

Project 3: Self-absented portraiture

I started with the work of  Maria Kapajeva who is an Estonian immigrant into the UK. She left Estonia because she felt pressured to become a wife and mother. 747 more words


Meal Time Continued

So, eating when pregnant is still hard. Cooking when your wife is pregnant is getting easier. The trick? Accept at face value the phrase: “I’ll eat whatever is put in front of me”. 199 more words