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Best and Worst Household Chores

Good afternoon everyone. I have just finished doing a mountain of ironing. This is a task I hate. It got me thinking of the different household tasks I do and which ones I like and dislike. 351 more words



My daughter when she was a lot lot younger, washing up, more fun with the bubbles than the actual washing up.


Man mountaineering...

Steve has managed to turn stacking plates into an art form. When we stop for lunch, he sometimes spends so long arranging the crockery back onto the tray, that it looks like a piece of modern sculpture!

Comic Strip

Chopping Board Fun!

Good afternoon friends! We had a great start to the day and didn’t even get into trouble until after lunch! We decided to help girl-woman with her cleaning this morning. 222 more words

Being Helpful

Cafe Style Muffin Wraps

Hey you know those muffins you buy in cafes, how they have that little paper skirt on that is easy to lift away from the muffin? 158 more words


What happened yesterday.

Ok you may have noticed I didn’t post yesterday, this was down to two reasons. The first is that I forgot… And the second I was going to write a post last night but I went running for the first time in a while and I was just too tired after that and went straight to bed. 283 more words


Ten steps to washing up effectively

Now I don’t know if there is much writing on this matter. It’s actually something I was taught by my food tech teacher when I started secondary school oh so many moons ago, but I feel that knowing how to wash up properly is one of those useful life skills that everybody¬† 887 more words

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