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Sorting the Washing

Like many people, I put off sorting the washing until we’re all squished at one end of the dinner table eating tea, while the pile of clean clothes looms over us; threatening to consume us, absorb us, like some multi-coloured, fabric… 428 more words


How many washing powders keeps your clothes clean?

I spoke to this young fabulous lady at work yesterday about what she does when she gets home after work and guess what?

She takes  her washing very seriously, I almost fell off my chair when she said that she uses 4 different washing powders to wash washing. 202 more words


Tales of the Expected: 21

Slowly, cautiously, they rode over the Bridge of Boredom, trying not to think of the deep chasm below them, hearing the distant roar of the mighty River of Regret far below. 431 more words

Tales Of The Expected

DRC365 #334

Washing day. This colourful image captures part of daily life in a village. Easy access to water makes some daily chores much easier and allows for other tasks to be completed much faster. 19 more words

Humanitarian Aid Work

Like a Duck

I have been feeling a bit like a duck lately – all calm on the surface and paddling furiously beneath the surface!

Work is busy and I have deadlines and targets to meet before Christmas.  207 more words


Why you should wash new clothes before wearing

Whether you just got the clothes from the store or from a garage sale, you should wash before wearing and here’s why:



Out of Sight, and Out of Mind

A poem by Brian F Kirkham in response to the Daily Prompt


That dirty little secret,

hiding in plain view

has built up over time now… 114 more words