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The Corrosive Legacy of the 'Good War' Standard

The Second World War is still held by many intellectuals as the best example of ‘the good war’. Hollywood often pays it tribute by devising heroic epics that depict Allied courage in the face of Nazi barbarism – the same honour is not bestowed to Vietnam War films… Pundits in the West spend their days portraying contemporary conflicts in the light of WWII teachings: analogies with… 973 more words

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The World Bank, the IMF, and the 21st Century

‘Structural Adjustment’. ‘Washington Consensus’. ‘Privatisation’. ‘Budget Cuts’. ‘Austerity’. On and on…

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) hold their Annual Meeting this weekend. 1,400 more words


Restart: The last chance for the Indian Economy

Mihir Sharma’s book (Random House 2015) is the one for you if you are a policy wonk but at a loss for arresting sound bites; a businessperson looking for bright and engaging things to say at your next meeting; a student of economics, politics or sociology grappling with the question why things are so difficult to do in India; or an expatriate keen to remain in touch with the undercurrent of “happening” things in India… 1,224 more words

"Middle class" economics

This past weekend, I intended to post another lengthy entry, this one on the meaning of the term “middle class.” After all, everyone is talking… 1,297 more words


Econ 12 - 5th Assignment – due by email on February 17, 2015

Prepare, individually, short written answers to the following questions, and submit them to me by e-mail (oroncesval@gmail.com) on or before February 17, 2015. Most of the answers can be found in Chapters 8, 11, 12 and 13 of the Backhouse textbook. 174 more words

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Preview: A Wizard Did It part one

Focusing on the Hong Kong protests, SARs, and disputes over small islands in the South Pacific, the American media presents the public with a caricature China, part sinister rising superpower, part unwieldy giant. 62 more words

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