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| Washington Consensus adalah bahasa lain dari Neo-Liberalisme dengan instrumen deregulasi, privatisasi dan mekanisme pasar yang dengan jelas diadopsi sebagai kriteria Good Governance | Globalisasi dan hegemoni diperagakan di sana | Globalisasi sebagai ekspresi hegemoni sangat kentara dalam penampakannya sebagai pemaksaan Bank Dunia agar negara-negara penerima bantuan membuka pasarnya untuk dunia | Thahtcher sendiri misalnya menggunakan istilah TINA, (There is No Alternative, tidak ada pilihan lain) | 1,177 more words


An ideology that undervalues the common good

In a recent speech Barack Obama talked about “an ideology that undervalues the common good.” He is referring to an ideology that came to prominence in the UK and the US and has underpinned politics and economics in Britain and America for the past 35 years. 1,474 more words


How the U.S. economy will fare under protectionism

By Raz Koroh

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Globalization faces considerable opposition and criticism.  As tariff barriers are removed, inefficient producers of commodities such as food grains in poor countries can no longer compete with the often highly subsidized and sophisticated agribusiness, which now have new markets for their corn, rice, and wheat.  455 more words


Perspectives of the Pacific Alliance regarding other regionalization processes in Latin America

With the arrival of the Pacific Alliance on the board of Latin American integration in 2011, the balance of power in the region were altered. Since then, it is increasingly feasible the hypothesis that the Pacific Alliance is a valuable tool instrumented by its members to exercise… 808 more words

Regional Powers

The Superiority of Anglo-Saxon capitalism and its Alternatives

The domination of Anglo Saxon liberal-capitalism has remained unopposed since the end of the Cold War. Being that this system was in place at the time of the fall of the Soviet Union, it was perceived that there was no other viable alternative that a society could prosper under. 858 more words