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Explaining current Brazilian politics to known-Brazilians and why I believe this is time for optimism

It seems that many observers believe that Brazil’s current political situation is one of instability and uncertainty. Since the mid-1990s the national political scene has been dominated by two parties: the Worker’s Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT, in Portuguese) and PSDB. 974 more words

Current Events

Celebrating Independence

Any previously colonized nation can attest to the sweet sense of satisfaction that comes with celebrating the day of Independence from former colonizers. The value placed on sovereign independence is a practically incalculable one shared the world over, with few states placing greater emphasis on the importance of freedom than the United States of America. 1,043 more words

International Politics

Neoliberalism, Global Order and the Bottom Billion

  1. Introduction

In my essay I am going to argue that the policies and behaviour of high-income countries and the institutions they have created for governing the global economy are the main impediment of successful development in emerging economies. 2,721 more words


Cry for Venezuela

The dream of a socialist Venezuela has turned into a nightmare.

It’s depressing to see the disintegration of President Hugo Chávez’s attempt at political reform. Chávez, elected in 1999, was part of the “pink tide” that swept Latin America in the 2000s. 518 more words


Cold War Kids

The Democratic Party with the corporate media in tow has been consistently promulgating the idea that Russia meddled in the 2016 election in favor of Trump. 719 more words