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Trump’s enablers are the real culprits in this American tragedy

This week in Washington, an excerpt from a new book on the Trump White House landed like a bombshell. The details were salacious, confirming the worst suspicions of his detractors: Trump is incurious, intellectually lazy, and a bully. 426 more words

A rule that could reverse net neutrality's repeal is why your back and wrists hurt at work

Reversing the FCC’s net-neutrality repeal may rest on an obscure law that was used once in two decades: to overturn a federal law requiring safer, ergonomic workplaces. 488 more words

DC has to work around a White House that denies climate change to prepare for a 500-year flood

Donald Trump has repeatedly denied the existence of human-made climate change, and since taking control of the White House, his administration has moved swiftly to dismantle former president Barack Obama’s climate legacy. 656 more words

What to worry about

Exhausted yet? As the year draws to a close and thoughts turn to holiday plans, there’s one place where business is still very much unfinished: Washington, DC. 330 more words

The time-honored, eye-searing tradition of staring directly at a solar eclipse

The solar eclipse taking place later this August is expected to send millions of people flocking to communities along the phenomenon’s path. While all the excitement might be blamed on the moment-seeking Instagram generation, chasing eclipses is a time-honored tradition. 200 more words

Easy Come, Easy Go: Scaramucci is out as White House Communications director

With apologies to Queen.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Anthony Scaramucci’s 10-day tenure as White House communications director felt like being caught in a landslide—especially the… 297 more words

Getaway to Frederick, Maryland

Last year we published a food crawl in Frederick, Maryland, a historic city about an hour outside of Washington, DC. We returned to Frederick on our recent trip back to the states and were once again charmed by this towns ability to relax us. 1,253 more words