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taylor gourmet

I’m not a sandwich person. Never have been, not really sure that I ever will be… However, when you’ve been walking around for an hour searching for food and it’s about to rain, you’ll basically eat whatever. 263 more words


Recipe for DC's Architectural Ails

I’ve argued aesthetics before. Washington, DC is lacking in that department. We’ve gone through the odd fashion sense of the town—somewhere between early 1990s and “I just don’t care.” The same is true of the city’s architecture, and I have a way out! 995 more words


weekend recap pt. 3

Even though it’s the last day of the work week, Fridays always seem to be super busy! Our department at work went to Dolcezza to celebrate a birthday, and then I rushed home to get my friend who visited, Aleksandra, so we could go to happy hour! 565 more words


To Dream the Impossible Dream (NOW WITH GIFS!)

I have to admit that, while I like to consider myself at least somewhat in touch with the gay community (and savvy to issues of general import), Friday’s historic Supreme Court decision went strangely under my radar until Marlon’s text message announcement to me that it had happened. 686 more words

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union market

Imagine this: it’s pouring rain, you’ve been walking along a trash-littered sidewalk for 15 minutes in a sketchy neighborhood, and you have absolutely no clue where you’re headed. 427 more words


dangerously delicious pies

The girl I share a cubicle with, Collett, and I have really bonded over one thing – our love for food, resulting in us constantly wanting to try new eateries. 524 more words


Summer Ball Games

Summer has finally arrived in the District and it is the perfect season for baseball. Grab a few friends, some beers, hot dogs, and enjoy the day! 11 more words

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