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Watch: The Turkish president's bodyguards beat up US protestors after he met with Trump

“The relations between Turkey and the United States have been erected upon common democratic values and common interests.”

That’s what Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a White House press conference with US president Donald Trump on Tuesday (May 16). 424 more words

"Turn the lights off": How the White House hides from a crisis, in photos

US president Donald Trump’s sudden dismissal of FBI director James Comey stunned lawmakers and political observers. It also seems to have stunned his staff, who scrambled to react and manage communications around the decision. 233 more words

Samantha Bee's fans are embracing the liberal bubble that helps them cope with Trump

Samantha Bee gets heat from people at both ends of the political spectrum. Critics on the left accused her show of belittling Bernie Sanders supporters… 727 more words

April 22, 2017 - A to Z Challenge - S

I had planned to just write about the Science March today in DC but changed my mind as there were threeS words in the S section of “The Deeper Meaning of LIff” that tickled me.   894 more words

April 21, 2017 - A to Z Challenge - R

Lovely drive to DC today.  Girls were great as usual and I did not fall asleep. My greatest fear… They were happy to see their mom and dad but did not reject me.   586 more words

Washington DC Home Prices

March’s median sales price was $535,000, a 5.8% increase over last year’s median of $505,511 and the highest March level on record. The 778 March sales represented a 19.1% increase versus last year and far above the March five-year average of 631. 40 more words

Selling A Home

April 6, 2017 - A to Z Challenge - E

Okay, I suspect most of you figured out the meaning of the D word.

Deventer  (de-VEN-ter) n.  A decision that’s very hard to make because so little depends on it – like which way to walk around a park. 435 more words