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Cash The Big Issue For Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb Over 2016 Decision to Run

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, exploring a possible 2016 presidential campaign, said he is in the process of deciding whether he can “put together the type of money” needed and still remain independent of special interests. 438 more words

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Mom Invites Herself to Work Day

You may have seen this C-SPAN video earlier this week when bickering brothers were on Washington Journal and their Mother called in expressing her displeasure of them arguing as well as hope that they would get it “out of their system” before Christmas.   116 more words


Oh god, it's mom!

Here in America, the country is run generally by two major political parties: the republicans and the democrats. Many of us also choose a side that we support, sometimes they go along with our families, sometimes they are the complete opposite, and sometimes your family is torn right down the middle. 212 more words

Mother Calls C-Span To Shame Her Bickering Sons, Wants A Peaceful Christmas

C-Span got a dose of realtalk on this morning’s Washington Journal. While bickering about the usual partisan nonsense, the two Woodhouse brothers who are opposed to one another’s politics, got a call from their mother reminding them that they’re… 91 more words

C-SPAN caller: 'Republicans hate that n****r Obama'

An individual identified as “Anthony from San Diego” calling into C-Span’s Washington Journal segment was cut short on Thursday when he said on air, “The Republicans hate that n****r Obama.” The offensive language prompted an immediate response from the show’s host, Steve Scully. 126 more words


CSPAN's Washington Journal: Food insecurity

I discuss on CSPAN's Washington Journal the economic and personal impact on the 49 million Americans who go hungry, can't afford enough food to eat or don't know where their next meal is coming from.

Washington Journal: Food insecurity