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Forbes Just Revealed Trump’s Bigotry Is Costing Us Billions

“Forbes reports that the U.S. is expected to lose $1.6 billion in tourism this year as 7% fewer Mexicans choose to vacation in the States. 118 more words

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CNN Just Busted Trump’s Attorney General In A Big Trump-Russia Lie

“This isn’t the first time Sessions has been caught not disclosing a meeting with a Russian official during the campaign.

Sessions famously denied ever meeting with Kislyak or any Russian official during his time as a Trump surrogate.   99 more words

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Ex-Republican Party Chair Just Revealed The Real Reason Nobody Wants To Work For Trump

“A senior Republican official, former chairman Michael Steele, told the Hill why nobody wants to work for “crazy” Trump:

“The talent pool is shrinking, because who wants to sign up for crazy?

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Jared Kushner Just Got Busted Building Luxury Condos With Grants Meant For Poor Communities

“As Kushner’s star fades in the Trump administration, more unsavory details about the Trump senior advisor and son-in-law have emerged, hastening his fall in the public sphere. 131 more words

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