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Commuting isn’t so bad, if we allow ourselves to pull over for moments of inspiration. The distinct line of shadow dividing the sky above the Washington Monument sparked my interest and I pulled over to participate in the scene…It made my day, seemingly, before it had even begun. 49 more words


Sync Recall: Cracking the Monument

I had noticed over the years a tendency of my art to sync in unexpected ways and in 2011 created Artlu-KM as an attempt to use this effect dirrectly. 242 more words


Did Time-traveling Go-go Dancers From the Sixties Build the Washington Monument?

If you think about it, no one really knows who built the Washington Monument. Sure, there are “records” and “photographs” and “eye-witness accounts”, but very little solid data to indicate who managed to build what was the tallest man-made structure in the world at the time. 658 more words

Washington D.C.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Washington Monument, Washington D.C.

Vietnam Memorial, Washington D.C.

Vietnam Memorial, Washington D.C.

Elephants at Washington D.C. Zoo

Gator at Washington D.C. Zoo


An August Weekend In Baltimore

Living in Baltimore most of my life, there are but a few things that I have never done while living here: Visited the Peabody Library, climbed to the top of the Washington Monument and gone to the downtown Farmers Market. 461 more words