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The pristine lands of Washington DC.

Going for fancy ass titles now instead of a descriptive one. Hahaha.

The parents were super happy to be in Washington DC, the capital of the US. 1,231 more words


Two Days in Washington D.C. During Fall (Day 1)

There is a lot to see and do in Washington D.C. so if you plan your visit ahead you can cover a lot of ground. I made a suggested itinerary and a list of places I wanted to check out; we packed walking shoes and did our best to cover as much as possible. 469 more words

Philadelphia - The Steps, The Men, The Tune

How many times I heard the tune, I couldn’t possibly tell – I lost count halfway to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It had been in my head all along and seemingly everyone – myself included – got in synch as soon as The Steps appeared on the far end of the long stretch between Logan Square and The Oval. 45 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

Peek through other entries for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge. 57 more words


Max's Favourite City

A question that I am asked often is what is my favourite State and actually it isn’t a State at all.

Probably because it is so iconic and easily recognised but to actually be there is something altogether different the answer has to be Washington D.C… 1,017 more words


Beautiful Alexandria

The summer before sophomore year, my family and I decided to take a trip out to Virginia and Maryland. It was my aunt’s last week of being stationed there and we wanted to visit her before she left again. 228 more words


The Familiar, Redefined

You want to take a picture of some landmark or scenery that everyone else has taken a picture of.  That’s okay.  Each picture is indeed different, to some degree or another.  473 more words