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Finals Week Photo/Graphic

Washington State University is using one of my AP basketball photos for a fun finals week graphic.


A Happy Heart

A few months ago, I entered the online dating world for the first time to meet someone outside of my existing social circle.  It has been entertaining, as I think dating is in general.  574 more words


Quick Sand

“All great changes are preceded by chaos” – unknown

I have had a wonderful past few weeks. I have really been trying to push myself to be more social and try new activities and it has helped me find myself far more efficiently than isolation. 1,177 more words

Washington State University Crimson and Gray Game Photos

I photographed Washington State University’s Crimson and Gray intrasquad football game today. It is their spring game, held off campus in Spokane at Joe Albi Stadium. 68 more words


Draft Video - Can I play with you?

Can I play with you?

I chose my semester topic to start a conversation about interacting with others outside of technology.  And like all great hypotheses, I was proven wrong along the way.  480 more words


Washington State University

1. Are Dreamers allowed to apply for admission to your university?

Yes, definitely. I am adding a link that you should review: https://finaid.wsu.edu/media/3013/hb-1079-brochure-red-coug.pdf

2. If Dreamers can apply, how do they apply?  150 more words