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Luke Falk Similar To Which NFL Quarterback?

Here’s a photo for the AP of Washington State quarterback Luke Falk, during a game last season against UCLA, for a Seattle Times story about which NFL quarterback he most most similar to. 36 more words


College Orientation Tips

I went to my college orientation and I hope that some of these tips come in handy for other people who might be wondering what to expect. 316 more words


Field Guide

Specimen#: 0301

Species: Deceased native red squirrel on compacted 3/8th minus basalt gravel.

History: Subject jumped from their nest upon discovering nut futures were collapsing, leaving them with 2 squirrel metric tons of walnuts worth peanuts. 440 more words

Short Story

Tavares Martin Jr.

This photo for the AP of Washington State wide receiver Tavares Martin Jr. (8), from a game against California last November, was used for a Bleacher Report story which predicts the best quarterback and wide receiver combinations for the upcoming college football season. 6 more words


Washington State University Completes Very Large Project to Digitize Student Newspaper

Washington State University has completed a very large project to digitize its student newspaper. (This is a link to a Facebook post.) “By our count… a little over 13,200 issues of the Evergreen, plus 82 assorted other student-produced individual non-Evergreen newspapers from over the years. 30 more words

New Resources

Challenging Moments Lead to Knowledge

The classmate interview project was a challenge, but I felt like I gained a lot from the project. This was my first time ever working with recording and video editing. 261 more words

Kevin Vallene is Chasing the Dream

Kevin Vallene is a lifelong Seattle Mariners fan. Through the thick and the thin of an 162 game season, Vallene can often be spotted wearing Mariner apparel as he represents his hometown team with pride. 381 more words