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Supreme Court Reaffirms 'Actual Innocence' Requirement for Criminal-Case Malpractice Claims

The state Supreme Court reaffirmed that legal malpractice claims from a criminal case must prove the plaintiff innocent of the crime.

The Washington Supreme Court recently reaffirmed the requirement that a plaintiff in a legal malpractice claim arising from a criminal case prove that the plaintiff was actually innocent of the crime involved. 444 more words

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Washington Supreme Court Adopts the ABA RPC 20/20 Amendments

New rules amending many RPCs are effective Sept. 1. On June 2, the Washington Supreme Court entered the order adopting the new rules.

New rules amending many of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) become effective… 367 more words


Supreme Court on Use of Refusal to Submit to Field Sobriety Tests: No Clear Holding

Defense attorney Vitaliy Kertchen analyzes a fractured ruling that appears to overturn a drunken driving conviction.

In State v. Mecham, the Washington Supreme Court issued a fractured opinion in a DUI prosecution in which the state entered into evidence the defendant’s refusal to perform field sobriety tests (FST). 410 more words

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Ledger Square Law Helps Dunk Unlawful Local Initiatives Sponsored by Save Tacoma Water

Seeking to influence the administration of water rights for future development,  a group of concerned Tacoma citizens (organized as “Save Tacoma Water” or STW) sought to place local initiatives on the ballot to amend Tacoma City Code and the Tacoma City Charter… 254 more words

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WA Supreme Court Rules Superior Court Order For Defendant To Write Apology Letter To Victim Does Not Violate First Amendment

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

We have seen many incidents of lower courts ordering those convicted of crimes to endure unusual punishments: some as novel as holding signs advertising that they are criminals; requiring the cutting hair of their children; or forced attendance in Church. 1,674 more words

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Two Recent State Supreme Court Oral ICWA Arguments

Here is the argument for In re B.B. case in the Utah Supreme Court, where the unmarried Native father appealed the trial court’s decision denying him intervention in a voluntary adoption case, primarily based on Utah’s definition of paternity. 66 more words

Author: Kate E. Fort

Court: Music On Phone Not Evidence Of Gang Ties

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington’s Supreme Court has thrown out the convictions of three men in what police called a gang-related shooting, finding among other things that music on one defendant’s phone was not evidence of gang ties. 598 more words