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Astroturfing the inaugural protests

Demand Protest, a San Francisco outfit, is running ads in dozens of cities offering up to $2,500 for persons willing to protest at Trump’s inauguration—plus health and dental insurance for those willing to add their bodies and voices to a year’s worth of similar protests. 61 more words

The Culture

China rejects hacking claims, urges US to explain own spying

‘Groundless smear attempt’

RT | January 8, 2017

Beijing has challenged Washington to explain its own global spying activities following US media reports alleging that China is using two Chinese hotels as spy centres, describing the reports as a “groundless” smear attempt.

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United States

Washington Post latest blunder proves fake news is fine... if it involves Russia

By Danielle Ryan | RT

It was well established in 2016 that most things that go wrong in the world are Russia’s fault — but last week the Washington Post decided to really close the year out with a bang. 1,071 more words


Not Only Has Obama Continued To Allow Open Borders But Now It's Been Found Out There Has Been A Glitch In The System On Background Checks For US Citizenship

Obama has always been concerned about the legacy he will leave behind for historians to judge. After all the dust is settled because as we know historians are liberal and usually treat their own kind very gently but on the other hand I’m sure they will judge Obama as leaving We The People and our homeland unprotected. 628 more words

Green garbage ...

In the name of saving the environment, thousands of green activists fighting to stop the Dakota Access pipeline are making a huge mess.

Those familiar with the camps near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, increasingly are distressed over the pits of human waste and garbage pockmarking the formerly pristine prairie revered by the Standing Rock Sioux as sacred ancestral land.

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Massive purge of right-wing activists on Twitter

Seems there’s been a huge purge of right wing commentators and activists on Twitter. The Washington Times reports:

Twitter suspended several prominent accounts associated with the alt-right movement Wednesday, spurring claims that the company has begun a coordinated crackdown against social media users of a similar ilk.

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