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Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Explains Loophole That Allows The Sale of Human Organs

In a story from the Washington Times, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, Abby Johnson, explains the loophole through which many Planned Parenthood clinics are able to sell human fetal tissue and organs from aborted babies. 278 more words


One-Third Of Veterans In Backlog For VA Health Care Already Dead: Report

What a disgrace!! These brave men and women who are FORTUNATE enough to make it back home after their tour of duty should be treated like ROYALTY, not like something to be swept under the rug. 109 more words


The Chick With A D*ck Formerly Known as Bruce Jenner has Been Invited to Judge Miss USA Contest

Does anybody still watch beauty pageants anymore? They were fun when the girls were true beauties, not selected for racial balance. Once the contests began pushing ugliness as beauty the ratings started going down. 18 more words

WASHINGTON TIMES: Criminal Immigrants freed in U.S. because home countries refused them

“It’s immigration law known as ‘Zadvydas cases,’ after a 2001 Supreme Court ruling… said the government cannot detain immigrants indefinitely if their home countries won’t take them back.” 155 more words


Clinton Foundation got millions from Swedish firms to avoid being blacklisted for Iran involvement

That the Clinton Foundation functioned as a channel for lobbyists to get access to Hilary Clinton is an open secret. But I certainly had not expected that there were such large money flows from Sweden and Swedish firms to the Clinton Foundation which apparently allowed them to carry on business in Iran without being blacklisted. 1,251 more words


Same IRS That Harassed Tea Party Groups Approves The Church of Cannabis

In record time…

Hard working Americans who were exercising their First Amendment rights in 2012 were scrutinized, investigated and harassed by the IRS.

Tea Party groups which were trying to establish non-profit groups based on reverence for the United States Constitution were stalled and given ridiculous and unreasonable hurdles to overcome in order to receive IRS approval. 186 more words


Media Mashup: May 28, 2015


The national media generally failed to acknowledge the key role that conservatives played in eliminating capital punishment in Nebraska—the first predominantly Republican state to end the death penalty since North Dakota did it in 1973. 476 more words

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