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Lyme Disease Numbers on the Rise

“Black-legged and deer ticks have spread into new areas across the country, carrying Lyme disease into places where it didn’t exist 20 years, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 166 more words

If the republican President Donald Trump thought that by the recent firing of the FBI Director James Comey, that the various investigations into Russia’s meddling into the 2016 US presidential elections as well as any possible coordination that the president, his team conducted with Russian operatives, would go away, he accomplished nothing more than delay the inevitable. 828 more words

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Things Are Looking Up! Governor Abbott Of The State Of Texas Signs Sanctuary City Ban

The left-wing nuts must be going crazy, Governor Abbott of Texas not only signed the bill for a sanctuary city ban but he added a little zingy to it by doing the ceremony right on Facebook live! 416 more words

Those Conservative Jackasses

By now, Real swamp monster hope you hear about, or see video of late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional story concerning recent birth of his son Billy.  501 more words

Blast from the Past -- The Pressure was on the Fraud Obama on 25 Apr 2011

Blast from the Past — The Pressure was on the Fraud Obama on 25 Apr 2011 Including This Full Page Ad in the Washington Time National Edition… 514 more words

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Oregon passes privacy bill protecting marijuana shop customers

Lawmakers in Oregon overwhelmingly passed a measure aimed at protecting customers of the state’s recreational marijuana dispensaries as politicians prepare for potential pushback from President Trump. 53 more words

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Trump was MONITORED! We Should All Be Concerned

With the revelation by California Republican Rep. Devon Nunes that there appears to have been legal monitoring the Trump Presidential transition team, the average person would simply write this off as many Democrats are that there was nothing to see here; move along my little puppets.   677 more words