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Deez Nuts for President??

If you grew up listening to Hip Hop in the 90s, then you are all too familiar with the “Deez Nuuuutz” catchphrase that was made popular by Dr. 201 more words

Life Shyt

Do Armed Citizens Know How To Protect Themselves With Guns? I Doubt It.

For all the childish, macho crap the NRA keeps spreading about the use of guns for self-defense, the truth is that the gun industry and its supporters have never (never means not once), ever done a single study that tests, never mind validates the… 643 more words


How Hillary Clinton may have fallen and can't get back up

Hillary Clinton changed her statement from no classified material on her personal email server to no material “that was officially marked as classified at the time.” Well, new documents based on classified material AUTOMATICALLY take on the same security classification of the underlying material and must be labeled top and bottom with that classification.  21 more words


Suicide of the Web

Recently the leftie rag/website The Guardian asked a good question: Is Internet advertising technology ruining the Internet experience?

The answer to that is yes.

I’m all for free market and capitalism, whereas The Guardian isn’t, but there are limits to commercialism, or rather where it becomes counterproductive. 1,581 more words

How Do These People Keep Their Jobs?

SHOCK THERAPY FOR CONSERVATIVES!?! ...More observation required

The deprogramming of Dinesh D’Souza

More psychiatrists ordered to find out why he’s conservative? – Washington Times editorial excerpts July 2015

Mr. D’Souza is a provocative critic of the American left, having written widely of politics in America.  223 more words