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Originally Former FBI Director James Comey Was To Use The Wording "Grossly Negligent" In The Handling Of Hillary's Secret Emails But Once Again He decided To Give Hillary A Pass

In Former FBI Director James Comey’s original draft of Hillary’s classified email and server misdeeds Comey was going to issue a definitive of usage of words describing Hillary’s negligence as “grossly negligent” so why did Comey take the word “grossly” out of the final draft? 777 more words

The Washington Times Reports Millennials Want Socialism

The article below from the Washington Times reports on the large number of millennials that want to live in Socialism. It really bothers me to see these huge numbers from this particular age group, feeling this way. 246 more words

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Betsy Devos was treated "rudely" according to Washington Times

In a recent article published by Washington Times, Harvard students interrupt, mock Betsy DeVos during school-choice speech, by Valerie Richardson, the reader learns of the “rude reception” that Devos received  from Harvard students.   475 more words


Kmart Abandons "Plus-Size" Moniker. Now Sells "Fabulously Sized" Clothing

In 2017, nothing (but conservatism apparently) is allowed to be labeled as negative. If you want to steal other people’s money, you’re really just fighting for income equality. 343 more words


Kate Brown signs law that shields immigrant information

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a law limiting the information the state collects, in a move backers hope will shield the state’s illegal immigrants from danger of deportation. 11 more words

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