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Oh How I Love Japanese Bathrooms

きれい kirei means pretty or beautiful in Japanese, but it also means clean or pure.  In Japan clean equals beautiful.  I think this one word says a lot about the importance of cleanliness in Japanese culture.  771 more words


The odds of Japan: Toilets

If there is a place the most comfortable and the most used in Japan it is the washlet toilet! You can actually choose between Western and Asian toilet in the Japanese public restrooms: the Western toilet is actually the toilet with the seat and the washlet but the Asian toilet is a hole in the ground where you have to squad. 200 more words


I love..er..Japanese "washlets", do you?

Japanese toilets are definitely more advanced and exquisite than those in any other developed countries. It can spurt out streams of water automatically to wash your bum while playing some soothing music. 76 more words


Pamper set giveaway in association with Andrex Washlets

Mummy of Two has teamed up with Andrex® Washlets, a pre-moistened flushable toilet tissue wipe, to help you feel fresh, energised and prepared for any occasion this January. 173 more words


Let's talk about bums!

WHAT!  I hear you cry…  Ok maybe not the nicest topic for a blog post, but we all have one be it big, small, spotty or hairy(!) so let’s get over it! 468 more words


Washlets, Washlets, Washlets. Now the word has lost all meaning

Dearest Consumerites, I know this is a few weeks old now, but I must publish a wee waffle (pun intended) about the Dawn Porter/Andrex Washlets commercials. 207 more words


Dawn Porter: How to end a career in eleven words...

How do you end a career in just eleven words? Well, if you are a journalist / presenter / actress, then these should help.

‘That’s all i ever wanted. 112 more words

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