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Busting For Change

It’s a toilet. It’s a washroom. It’s a bathroom. It’s a restroom. No, it’s another way to discriminate against those who are trans in our community. 370 more words

Sit or Squat

Whether you live in Calgary or almost anywhere else in North America, you can make a first step at creating accessible public washrooms in your city. 181 more words

south carolina trans girl faces school expulsion over bathroom use

As most of us are probably aware, the conservative movement’s attacks on trans people and trans rights have gotten particularly ugly in recent months. Most prominent in the spotlight has been North Carolina, where Republican governor Pat McCrory recently signed HB2 into law, which, among other things, requires everyone in North Carolina to use gender-segregated bathrooms in public institutions according to the gender appearing on their birth certificate. 597 more words


Questions for The Transit System With A Dearth of Restrooms

In Toronto, there are 10 washrooms at 10 out of 69 stations. That’s quite ridiculous for a city that prides itself on transit improvements and transparency. 432 more words


Great Cities

Have you ever found yourself walking, riding or even driving between two points and an imperative biological urge arises? Is the expression ” hold the phone and get a stone” familiar? 322 more words

Sustainability and Innovation in Towel & Tissue

Once considered a medical item, towel and tissue has been a staple in the cleaning industry for over 100 years. While being a traditional product, towel and tissue has evolved from an everyday, basic item to an innovative solution for reducing the spread of bacteria, increasing sustainable practices and the development of no-touch hygienic environments. 403 more words

Amazing toilets around the world – in pictures

From eco-thrones in the wilds to high-rise loos with city views, Lonely Planet has compiled a book of more than 100 of the most striking lavs around the world