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Washroom Woes

Let’s talk about public bathrooms for a second. No, not because they’re almost always nasty and the fact you always have to squat because there is no way my butt is going to touch the same seat thousands of other butts have touched, and not just any butts, but STRANGER’S butts. 1,302 more words


Gender-neutral washrooms? How about simply calling them 'washrooms'?

Jillian Page
LGBT Perspectives editor

QUEBEC — The thought echoed in the title of this post is, basically, what a spokesperson from Vanier College said tonight in a CTV News Montreal report. 42 more words

Vanier College

Transgender washrooms - a rape victim's perspective

In a previous blog post I mentioned that I have been working on a much longer response to the transgender washroom issue. I did a bunch of research, analyzed data, and presented what I believed was a compelling and rational explanation of the inherent risks of the proposed NDP guidelines. 240 more words


My New Blog: inkspot7.blogspot.ca

My new blog: inkspot7.blogspot.ca has many wonderful posts:

Raffi and Adult Colouring Books discusses my new stress reduction tool.

Adult Colouring Books and Regression explores the idea of regression, being “bad”, as I was taught in psychology classes many years ago. 139 more words

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I’m wandering around the mall, lost, as an Alzheimer’s patient might wander around a nursing home. I’m yelling less, of course, and I’m not insisting that every brunette strolling past is my long dead wife, but I’m no less confused. 778 more words


Would you like a spoon?

New Canadian Anti-Nose Picking Law!

After a shocking display of The President of America picking his nose at a Press Conference (of all things),  Canadians have decided that such unsanitary practices are to be outlawed! 413 more words



Some bloggers pretty much blog as if they’re talking to their best friend. This seems to be much more common among women than men. So some personal conflicts, hopes and fears, some things about relationships and childhood memories, come along with whatever that person is most interested in. 486 more words