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Restroom Etiquettes 101

If you ever happen to go to a public restroom in an airport or an office or a mall or for that matter any place it is common courtesy to follow certain basic rules and since most of you seem oblivious of them, I shall try to enlighten you: 264 more words


Swimming Pool

In heat of heat

Being in water

moving from one end to other end… Sam hits a brain wave.. constructing swimming pools in big flats and society all around in China, India and Philippines. 145 more words

The Loos Always Lose

We Indians have never taken kindly to what are variously known as ‘washrooms’, ‘restrooms’, ‘bathrooms’, ‘loos’ and ‘toilets’ (as this last word was among the first I learnt and the one I used to excuse myself from a classroom, I will use it through the rest of this piece). 375 more words

Superkul (Architects), Toronto: the sinuous Corian wash basins in their Royal Ontario Museum washroom revamp & other projects. A link is under Blogroll

Royal Ontario Museum Washroom Renewal /

Steelcase WorkLife Toronto /

Great Gulf Active House, Thorold, Ontario /

Reed’s Bay House  Thousand Islands archipelago, Canada /

Gradient House, Toronto


City of Kelowna gets into spring and Easter mode

KELOWNA – Washrooms in City of Kelowna parks will open up for the season starting April 1. The only exception is the washroom located at Hot Sands Beach in City Park.   241 more words


Sparkle and Shine

I know this is a weird topic to talk about but one of many things I found strange, yet oddly comforting, while traveling around Europe was the washrooms of all things. 251 more words

Oh The Place You'll Go!

Canned Soup

He’d been smiling the whole way home, along the street, in front of strangers. When he got home, he turned the dial on his stove for the lower right burner, lit it up to red, opened a can with a can opener, and poured the cylindrical goop into a pot. 51 more words