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i have to pee

Today we took a long walk along Queen Street. We started from Yonge St, and forged westward, into the super hip area. I love how distinct some neighbourhoods are. 714 more words

Oh Hello

How to washroom sensors work?

As a kid, I always found them very interesting. I would move my hand in front of that little black dot as fast as I could to see if it could still sense my hand but I always lost (I’m sure you have a also tried something like this). 149 more words


After gender neutral conversion, Sturgeon students ask for more gender specific bathrooms

Students at Sturgeon Composite say the bathroom situation at their high school needs to change, and better reflect the needs of the majority after many of their facilities were made gender neutral. 716 more words


At Odds With My Bowels


I wish I could have one huge you-know-what in the morning before my shower, and no more you-know-whats… 195 more words

Skip to "The Loo", My Darling

I have a major fascination with restrooms, washrooms, lavoratories, loos, washclosets, toilets – you know those places where you go – well, you know.   I know this seems like a really random thing, but having been stricken with a chronic bladder disorder (it has a medical name but I prefer to call it  “cranky bladder”) I have come to have a love/hate relationship with washrooms, which depending on their condition, add heightened stress to an already  stressful situation. 1,123 more words


Concentrating on environmental impacts

Many of you may be aware of our popular Enviro Concentrates range of cleaning concentrates, developed with reducing waste at the heart of the concept. The easy and safe dose caps and trigger spray bottles provided with Enviro Concentrates products, together with Jangro’s comprehensive dosing guidelines, make sure exactly the right amount is used each time – no more and no less. 322 more words


Paying to use the washroom? Err no way!

One of my biggest gripes about London and some other cities in Europe is pay to use washrooms.

Using these facilities is a human right, we all have to use them every day of our lives so why should we pay for the privledge? 201 more words