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It's not just about toilets...

A couple of weeks ago I inadvertently got caught up in the toilet/gender furor that has been making the news. Sort of.

My friend, Pierre, was in town and it was a wonderful spring afternoon. 634 more words

Albertans rally at the Legislature around bills 7 and 10

EDMONTON – Transgender advocates and bill 10 protesters came into conflict Saturday afternoon at the Alberta Legislature as their events coincided.

A rally to show support for transgender people to use whatever washroom they associate with started first. 739 more words


Saturday Morning Rant: Public Washroom Users

I hate public restrooms. I will go out of my way and hold it in for a couple more hours just so I don’t have to walk into a potentially dirty, disgusting and downright horrifying looking stall (because fuck urinals, I like my privacy!) in a public restroom. 575 more words

Saturday Morning Rants

Heartfield: An accessible city means accessible washrooms – for everyone

The other day, I was driving through an Ottawa suburb when a voice came from the back seat: “Mom, I have to go to the washroom.” 670 more words


Busting For Change

By Rochelle Weeratunge 

It’s a toilet. It’s a washroom. It’s a bathroom. It’s a restroom. No, it’s another way to discriminate against those who are trans in our community. 371 more words

Sit or Squat

Whether you live in Calgary or almost anywhere else in North America, you can make a first step at creating accessible public washrooms in your city. 181 more words

south carolina trans girl faces school expulsion over bathroom use

As most of us are probably aware, the conservative movement’s attacks on trans people and trans rights have gotten particularly ugly in recent months. Most prominent in the spotlight has been North Carolina, where Republican governor Pat McCrory recently signed HB2 into law, which, among other things, requires everyone in North Carolina to use gender-segregated bathrooms in public institutions according to the gender appearing on their birth certificate. 597 more words