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Some bloggers pretty much blog as if they’re talking to their best friend. This seems to be much more common among women than men. So some personal conflicts, hopes and fears, some things about relationships and childhood memories, come along with whatever that person is most interested in. 486 more words


[Travel] Japanese washrooms

I reently read a post on finding the right hair salon in Hong Kong and was really impressed with the writing. It’s not that the blogger wrote like an English major but all her emotions were poured into words and I was easily absorbed into her post. 497 more words


Fight for Your Right to Flush

Ever have a long, crappy day and then just when you are sitting peacefully on a public toilet taking a long, reflective piss…suddenly swoosh! (Technically, this sentence should have ended with a question mark, but whatever, it’s a rhetorical question so your opinion doesn’t matter.)The unwanted automatic flush. 775 more words

Social Commentary

Carousel Coreless Toilet Tissue Dispenser

We have a brand new product available to purchase today. For ONLY £29.90 you get the following:

  • dispenser boasts a capacity of 384m when full, offering 80% more capacity than its nearest like for like competitor.
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Good signage


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Loomergencies and Other Random Stuff.

A friend totally inspired this blog post. You know who you are, so please don’t kill me if you’re reading this. I love my life, no matter how much I seem to complain about it. 567 more words